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Raising Globally-Minded Kids (without traveling around the world)

Raising Globally-Minded Kids

Tonight Ada snuggled up to me on the couch, took a deep breath and said, “Mom, I’ve been trying to figure out the right time to tell you ….. when I get a little older, I want to travel to another country and tell people about God.”

This simple sentence was not only exceedingly adorable (why was she trying to find the right time to tell me? what did she expect I would say?), but it also made me a very proud momma. Will Ada really ever travel to another country to tell people about Jesus? Eh, who knows?! Am I concerned that she feels like she needs to go to a different country to tell people about Jesus when people right here need to know about Jesus too? Not yet :).

For right now, I’m just glad she loves Jesus and also has some sort of global awareness. Being globally-minded is a deep value of both Jake and I, one that we desire to pass on to our kids.

To be quite frank, in this season of our life, helping our kids to be globally-minded takes very little effort on our part. All we have to do is send our kids to school each morning. The local public school is fondly nicknamed “The Little United Nations”  because of the diversity of nations represented by the students. We totally lucked out.

But before we had the opportunity to get to know and love people from all parts of the globe on a regular basis, we spent a lot of time teaching the kids about the world… from home.

give your child the worldIn her new book, Give Your Child the World: Raising Globally Minded Kids One Book at a Time, author Jamie Martin shares her family’s love for books, travel, and learning about the world. She not only gives us a glimpse into her family’s rhythms and strategies for raising kids who think and love globally, but she has done the hard work of creating a list of great books to read to our kids.

How the Book is Organized

Each chapter lists books covering a different part of the world. The reading lists are well-organized according to age-level (ages 4-6, 6-8, 8-10, and 10-12). With each book suggestion, Jamie gives a couple sentence summary, as well as highlighting some of the book’s special features. As I looked through list after list, I was so impressed and slightly irked that she didn’t write this book sooner (it would have saved me a lot of time in those early years when I would stay up until midnight, searching long and wide for the perfect “next books”)!

My Plan

My plan is to start working through the book, chapter by chapter, requesting the books from our library and writing our thoughts in the margin. As we read the books together, I hope to be intentional about finding places on the map together, talking about which of our friends are from there, as well as reflecting on how the book depicts a life similar to ours as well as different from ours. Plus, I’ve been really wanting to pull out my *Study the World* Pinterest board to do some fun multi-cultural activities! I think some of these would be great supplements to these books.

This book goes down into my very small list of books that every family must own. Grab a copy and start your family on a journey around the world right from home!


Thanks to booklook bloggers for sending me this review copy in exchange for my honest review!

Free Sonic Drinks

Tonight we went to sonic to get route 44’s… we had coupons for $.99 Route 44’s. After some time lapsed between us ordering the drinks and the girl taking our order responding to us, she said, “It’ll just be a minute.”

“A minute to what?” Jake wonders out loud after a few minutes of just waiting. “I mean, a minute to our drinks get here? A minute to she tells us how much it costs?”

“Yeah, I’m not sure,” I reply.

A couple more minutes later, a car hop comes and delivers our drinks.

“You want your receipt?” the car hop asks.

“Sure,” Jake replies.

But he was confused because we hadn’t given her the money yet. How could we get a receipt?

Car hop hands Jake the receipt and walks away.

“Uh, I mean, okay.” Jake says, with the money still in his hand.

We look at the receipt… and it shows that it was free! We didn’t owe anything.

“It was free! Wow, that’s so great. Isn’t that great, Jake?!” I excitedly say.

“I just feel so blessed,” I said matter-of-factly.

“I just feel confused,” Jake said.

10 weeks

On Monday I had my 9/10 week pregnancy check-up. I really enjoy my doctor and I hadn’t seen her since I gave birth to Aly, so it was fun to catch up and to re-hash past pregnancy/birthing experiences.

When the time came to listen for the heartbeat, she reminded me that she may not be able to hear the heartbeat this time because it’s still pretty early. Most of the time, you can’t guarantee to hear a heart beat (externally) until week 12.

Sure enough, she found baby malloy’s heartbeat fairly quickly (nice and strong), and as soon as she found it, she kinda pressed the instrument deeper into my stomach. When she did that, my whole uterus jumped! She laughed, and said in a surprised voice, “Tiffany, your uterus moved!” I said, “I know! I felt it.” She thinks the baby didn’t enjoy being smushed.

Looks like we have another fiesty little one on the way! =)

Working on Plan B? I may have just the book for you…

Plan B got me wondering- will I need this book in the near future, Lord? 🙂 Oh, I kid, but not really…

The author, Pete Wilson, does a really great job of dealing with this really hard topic of what to do when life isn’t turning out how you always imagined it. He’s funny and serious; not hokey or plastic. His stories come out of his real life, with real people that he interacts with and lives in community with. It’s refreshing when an author doesn’t have to reach to stories of well-known, famous people because they haven’t actually dealt with the issue in real life. I’ve found his answers to this question to be real, helpful, and ultimately leading to the feet of the Lord. I think that this book would be a great gift to someone who is disappointed with where they are or are dealing with a rough time. I think this would be friendly to both mature Christians and cultural Christians. Let me know if you’d like to borrow it!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Next Code- we’re getting to the end

Here’s my next clue. Well, the binary that you see at the bottom of this post was the clue I received via twitter- over 30 messages! I plugged it into a binary code translator and got the gibberish below.

2 800k5 m3n710n3d: 282t30h9r32e2e4i104s3a2m143a19g4i104c3n2u32m2b4e73r2y8e72s4i7t95i19s5i32t45s5a232m37a3g235i2c2n273u27m5b40e24r9s222o4m7e183w333h112e1r8e31i34n2t23h1e4a21n19c1…37h5o7m23o7n3y22m5s2a107n5d11s83m1y3n78o17r5c78a17f6l109a10s7h14y5o7u15l15l1s-1e2e1a103g2a7i8n5.8qed

I did notice one thing- the letters between the numbers seem to spell out a message. But, not a great one. Here’s what it says:

kmnnd: three/is/a/magic/number/yes/it/is/its/a/magic/number/somewhere/in/the/anc/homonyms/lands/my/norca/flash/youll/see/again/.qed



Finally solved the Stone Tablet Clue

Well, I finally figured out the stone tablet message after much hard work:

It said, in ancient cretian symbols (but in swahili transliteration):
Money Book

Then, in Babylonian numerals (which had a base of 60 so I had to figure out how to translate that number to a base of 10):


Then, back to ancient cretian symbols:
Ninakupenda, which means “I Love You”

SO, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to bring 599 dollars with me?! Or maybe it’s $5.99 (hehe). I think I’ll just bring my checkbook :).

Virtual Brainstorming Session, Anyone?

Blogging Friends, I need your help once again!

For one of my classes, I’m to write a 10-12 page paper on ANY leadership issue. I really want to spend my time researching and writing something that will me and others in the area of collegiate ministry.

Here is the assignment description:
In the light of principles addressed in the course plus further research, do a 10 to 12 page paper developing a leadership issue (for example– conflict or change) that will make a difference for the glory of our Lord in a present or potential context. This is not merely a paper on a leadership topic, but it is to include specific application and implementation aspects in a real situation. Briefly, describe the selected issue which must relate to a particular church or organization, a ministry/ organization and the prevailing leadership paradigm/s operative currently in about a half a page. Then research and suggest applications to address the chosen issue. Specify how you or leadership should lead through the proposed changes (both personally and corporately). Then delineate the steps that should be taken in managing conflicts that could arise. Address such issues as assumptions you are making, communication factors, leadership development, evaluation, renewal, etc. Project a timeline for implementation if appropriate.

Let the brainstorm begin! 🙂

Stone with symbols

Another fun clue!

Last night I went to find the storage box of summer clothes to find some shorts, and I found this in the box:

Anyone recognize these symbols? I google imaged several languages and hieroglypics-type languages; I also looked through some of the symbol fonts on microsoft word, but I have yet to find a match. Any ideas?!

EDIT: Here is another clue I received related to the stone tablet:
That tablet is mixed up like the tower of babel, hanging gardens, labyrinth, and in that language I dabble.

My Sweet Aly Turned One!

I can’t believe that this year has gone by SO fast. I have vivid memories of the days when she was so teeny and slept ALL THE TIME. Boy are those days gone! 🙂

Aly has been such an awesome addition to our family. Who would have known that I had the capacity to fall completely in love with another person?!

Some memories I have of her over this first year…
– her bruised little face after flying out of the birthing canal (she was in a hurry to get out and meet her brother!)
– at 3 weeks, she had to be admitted to the hospital after having some breathing troubles. I think this was one of my first “motherly intuition” moments. and of course, she pulled her IV out of her head, even at 3 weeks old. I think they were quite surprised that she had that much coordination so early!
– aly LOVED (and still loves) the outdoors. She was slightly colicky, but would stop crying immediately when we took her outside. Sometimes just opening the door would make her stop crying. I can only remember one time that it hasn’t worked. Daddy and Aly did quite a few late night walks around the Ashland Manor parking lot.
– i was incredibly thankful that aly began sleeping through the night so early. At 7 weeks, she was sleeping 10 hours in a row at night! She did this until 6 months. Haha, I guess she’s making up for lost time or something now.
– Aly LOVES her momma. She lights up when she sees me and wants me to hold her, hug her, and give her kisses every time I come back into a room. This obviously makes me feel a special bond with her, but can be hard when trying to leave her with someone else :).
– I think Asante and Aly are best friends. Asante was the first person Aly smiled at and the first one she laughed at. She looks up to him so much and he’s taught her a lot about the world.
– Her first word was “tickle” (at about 8 months), which is what she would say as she would start crawling towards us to attack us with tickles. I guess that says something about how often we tickle each other!
– Bath times are glorious for her. Typically she enjoys them a ton and could stay in them until she turned pruney.
– She’s very artsy. She loves to dance, sing, draw, and listen to music.
– Her words at age one include: mama, dada, baby, girl, Aly, ball, tickle, dog, hi and bye. She repeats some other animal/truck sounds and words, but hasn’t used them independently yet.

I love this girl! I’m so thankful for my little Alethea Amani Malloy.

Weak Butt

Asante: “Daddy, I know a new word.”
Jake: “Oh yeah? What is it?”
Asante: “Weak butt”
Jake: “What?!”
Asante: “Weak butt”
Jake: “Weak butt? Where did you learn that?”
Asante: “The song- We are weak, but he is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me….”
Jake” “ohhhhhhh.”

Haha. Later on that night when Asante brought it up again, Jake tried to explain to him that it was a different kind of butt. Asante said, “a poop butt?” Lol, Oh dear. Homophones are tricky.