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Book Review: Draw In Bible Study- Esther & Ruth

Spending unrushed time in Scripture is a luxury these days. I used to feel guilty about it, but I’ve grown to appreciate the times I can make it happen..  and not sweat the days when I don’t.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a little bit of time to use the new Drawn In Bible Study seriesRuth and Esther. I was initially drawn to them because of how striking they are. I’m definitely one to judge a book by its cover!

Over the past few weeks, I've gotten a little bit of time using the new Drawn In Bible Study series-- Ruth and Esther. I was initially drawn to them because of how striking they are. I'm definitely one to judge a book by its cover!

Each study is broken into 4 sessions and consists of the passages of Scripture (the Message), questions for reflection, and drawings to color while reflecting on those questions. I love that the Message is printed right in the book- no need to have your own copy. I can mark it up however I want (underlines! squiggles! question marks!). (more…)

An Introduction to Scripture Doodling

Over the past couple years I’ve become convinced that coloring, doodling, journaling, and drawing can all be helpful ways to connect with God. It’s easy for us non-artist types to shrug off these methods because we’re not that good at drawing. Or it feels too much like playing. Or ain’t nobody got time for that.

But, I think it’s often for these very reasons that we ought to just give it a try.

A couple years ago, I found myself locked into a particular way of connecting with God. Read. Pray. Music. Read. Pray. Music.

I needed something different. Something to engage a different part of my brain. So I began coloring.

I’ll admit that I gravitate towards coloring more than doodling, mostly because I’m good at it. I can color inside the lines. I’m decent at choosing colors. There’s an obvious finish line. Doodling, on the other hand, makes me a bit uncomfortable because I’m not always sure what to draw.


Scripture Doodle is a half-way house for those of us stuck in between the “I really want to try this” and “Man, I stink at drawing and have no idea what to do with a blank piece of paper.”


Reading Together: How Communities of Readers Can Transform the World

reading-togetherBooks are one of the most powerful tools in the world.

Books change the world by offering a new perspective.

Books inspire people to step out and take risks.

Books allow people to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, increasing a reader’s capacity for empathy.

Books explain, they instruct, they motivate.

Books offer another way forward, and get people talking.

Most of my favorite books inspire me towards action. And they are always ones I want to talk about with someone else. (more…)

Coloring as Spiritual Formation

Coloring as Spiritual Formation

I’ve always loved to color. Being the introvert that I am, coloring had always been a safe way to introvert while being in the midst of a lot of people at school or while playing at a friend’s house. Markers, crayons, colored pencils? It didn’t matter.

Somewhere around junior high I put my crayons on the shelf.  And while they came back out for a brief time when I was in college (I found a really fantastic biology coloring book!), it wasn’t until the past couple years that I’ve started to re-connect with my love for coloring.

And it’s also during this time that I’ve found how helpful it is for me in connecting with God.

I’ve been using these two coloring books in the evenings to slow down, relax, and make mental space to connect with God. 


Review: NIV Faithgirlz Bible

As I’ve written about before, I’m on the hunt for a full-size Bible for Aly.

I didn’t become a Christian until middle school/junior high, and I was all into my teen Bibles. They helped make the Bible more interesting to me because the sidenotes and extra articles helped me to see how the Scriptures were relevant to my real life.

I’m hoping to find something like that for elementary kids too.



The Bible Project

I’ve been participating in the Journey through Scripture project this year, and over on our Facebook group, I’ve been sharing some resources as we read along (well, at least I was for awhile- whoops!). One of these is The Bible in Five by a guy named Tim Mackie. He used to be a teaching pastor at Blackhawk Church (before my time here), and he recorded these videos when our church was reading the Bible in a year together.


He’s since moved to Portland and is a pastor at Door of Hope Church as well as a professor of biblical studies at Western Seminary. I caught wind that him and another guy, Jonathan Collins, have started The Bible Project.