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A Day in the Life (September 2015)

Welcome to a day in my life, school day edition :).


6:30am    Today started out like any other ordinary day… kids came piling onto our bed as Jake and I slowly woke up, saying “the green light is on!!!” which means their clock had turned to 6:30a and turned green– the signal of freedom (sidenote: This clock is worth every single last penny we paid for it.). Most likely they’ve all been awake for at least 10 minutes, carefully watching so they could bound out of bed at the slightest hint of a color change. They were excited for the day, asking to eat. Asante and Ada raced downstairs before Jake and I’s feet hit the ground; they are always the hungriest.


September 2015 Goals

September is my happy place. The hot weather is coming to an end. I can go outside without melting. I will soon make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with a clear conscious, and it won’t be long until I will be able to comfortably wear a hoodie outside. And don’t even get me started about the bug population decreasing.

It’s time to share my goals for the month! Truth be told, I made these in late August because I splurged and bought myself a notebook I totally didn’t need. Because look at it! A blank sheet of graph paper is just ASKING to be written on.




Some of my highlights from last month’s goals:

  • We cleaned the windows. They were disgusting. Achieving this simple goal wins the gold in my book.
  • I’m finally caught up on my Scripture Reading plan. Looks like I only read 2 chapters a day from here on out, so I don’t foresee any trouble keeping up. Did I mention I really love the New Testament?
  • Our new PEG logo is completely finished (thanks to the AMAZING Amanda Iman who also designed the logo here on Learning to Love). Now comes the confusing  part of transferring everything from one blog to the other. Pray for us.
  • Oh! And I finally decided to sign up for my church’s weekly morning women’s Bible study (trying it out for the first time, not sure if I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a chance) AND, I signed up to do a 4-week book study downtown at this really cool placed called The Upper House.




August 2015 Goals

Last month I started making monthly goals. I thought if I shared them on here I’d have a little more accountability to follow through. I think it worked!

A few of my highlights…

  • Since I fell embarrassingly behind on my Bible reading plan, I made a plan to get back on a plan and I had to do some SERIOUS reading (one day I read the whole book of Jeremiah- talk about depressing), but I’m alllllmost caught up!
  • Jake and I worked on cleaning the couch cushions. They aren’t perfect, far from it, but they do look better. I tried a couple things, but what finally worked well was good ‘ol fashioned carpet/upholstery cleaner. I was really looking forward to finding a more natural, non-chemical laden way, but it just didn’t happen.
  • We found a theme for Play Eat Grow– yaaay! I can’t reveal it yet, but SOON.
  • I finished our 10 Year anniversary of being a family scrapbook and it turned out great! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I did definitely have to scan in some pictures because apparently we didn’t do digital cameras the first couple years of our marriage (how old am I?!). I also got an AMAZING deal on it (through Shutterfly) when I paired a deal of 50% off photobooks with some promo codes I had accumulated over the past 6 months.

On to my August goals!



July Loves

July has been good to us, other than the NONSTOP sibling fighting (except when they’re not, and when they’re not, they are so sweet to each other). We’re working through it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute.

july loves

Our best day ever was a Sunday afternoon when we went to the pool and spent the whole afternoon just having fun. The kids were incredibly happy and there wasn’t fighting for over 3 hours. I think it was some sort of Malloy child world record.

Next summer we’re buying a pool pass.


What I Learned in July

what i learned in july

Over at Chatting at the Sky, Emily Freeman hosts a link-up party where we can share about the things we learned. I’ve been a quiet observer for the last few months, and decided to give it a try for July. I think it’s just another way to help me to reflect on how I’m growing and learning, as well as to take notice of the things going on around me. Sometimes I get so “in my zone” that I overlook a lot.


A Day in the Life {July 14th}


Today started WAY too early. For some unknown reason, Anaya was up and down all night, wanting to play and being totally wide awake. I ended up just laying on the floor next to her  so I didn’t have to rouse myself from my warm snuggly bed each time to comfort her. At 6:30 the kids came into Anaya’s room, so happy and READY FOR THE DAY. I went downstairs to help them get started on their breakfast.

We woke Anaya up at 8:15. Must be a rough life to be up all night and then sleep in. 🙂

Ada and I began the day walking to the the nearby hospital for a much-awaited doctors appointment. Her growth has slowed down to a snail’s crawl, so we went to see a specialist. Turns out we think everything is going to work itself out in the end– she’ll just be tiny until puberty and then have a later growth spurt than normal. So far the only thing that bugs her about being short is that she can’t go on big waterslides. Other than that she loves being “mini” (in her own words).


July 2015 Goals

My life runs a lot smoother when I have goals. For awhile I decided I would not be a goal-person anymore. I’d just be a “life happens” person. Flexible. Open.

I tried it and it worked for a little while. But then calendars and goal-sheets started magically appearing in my project binder (whoops- do flexible, open, laidback people not make project binders?). It’s like they are magically attracted to me. {To all my non-goal oriented friends, I love you, I appreciate you, I want to be like you. But I just can’t fight this feeling any more…}

All that being said…

july 2015 goals