I’ve been thinking about the idea of personal branding.

What should I use twitter for? To communicate with friends? To network with others in the college ministry field?

What is the purpose of my blog? Do I write about my family? My school experiences? College ministry (which I’m not actually really involved in right now)? Who are my readers? What are they most interested in? Should that affect what I write?

Why do I have facebook? How is facebook different than my blog and twitter account?

Do I even want to “brand” myself? I have a hard time creating a one-sided online persona of myself.

Being a mommy blogger is not sophisticated. It’s not even that interesting to a lot of people, outside of our family and friends who are curious about my kids. But that’s who I am and that is what comprises most of my day- kids. Asante, Aly, and Ada (well, and Jake of course) are who I think about most of the day. It makes the most sense to write about them. About being a mom. BUT, that’s not all I am. I am a mom, yes. But I’m a student. And I’m an avid reader. And I’m a wife. And a part of the Church. I have opinions about lots of things, but not just one thing.

So do I brand myself as a mommy blogger? Do I brand myself as a seminary student? Do I brand myself as a campus ministry wannabe guru?

Just some thoughts.

What are your thoughts on personal branding? What questions have you asked yourself when deciding whether or not to brand yourself?  What are the ethics behind personal branding?