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FINAL CLUE- 2 days left!

My last clue is a worksheet of 6 math problems, half of which have to do with prime numbers. I have several of the answers figured out already, but a few don’t make sense.

The solutions for numbers 1-3 are each the sum of four consecutive prime numbers.
1. The first three numbers are less than 200, but not the fourth.
193 + 197 + 199 + 211= 800

2. The sum of third number minus the first number and the fourth number minus the second is 20. All four primes are two digit numbers.
73 + 79 + 83 + 89 = 324

3. The sum of the first two numbers is one more than the fourth.
7 + 11 + 13 + 17= 48

4. e to the i(pi) power plus one
= 0

5. Neither abundant nor deficit, this number is the first of its kind.
= 6

6. 27.27 x (phi) x (e) x (pi) x square root of 3
= 652.63241

This is somehow supposed to tell me where I’m to meet jake thursday at 2:00p. EEk!

Binary Code Clue Finally Solved

I finally solved the second to last clue and I wanted to share the results with you.

So, by taking out all of the numbers after i translated the binary code, I got this message:

Then, going back to the original message, after taking out the letters, i was left with a lot of numbers. I counted every third number and underlined it. I figured out that those numbers were page numbers in 2 books from which some clues back around spring break referred to:
the little prince and understanding media

Each third number is obviously followed by two smaller numbers. I remembered that on my 25th birthday, Jake had made me a treasure hunt around Columbia and we had one clue that looked KINDA like this. In that clue, we had to turn to the page number, and then use the second number as how many lines to count down on the page. The third number was the letter. We put all these letters together and got a message. This time that didn’t work exactly. Instead, the third number represented the word instead of the letter. The message was:

“who are we when we are not well carrying on with a vision for new adventures and child like faith
how can you stand perfect around listen to that read hearing nothing”

Huh? What does that mean? Well, going back up to the original message, I see the second part of the clue has the words “homonyms” and “smynorca” which is acronyms backwards. So, I found some words in this second clue that were honomyms:

read- red
hearing- herring (okay, so i didn’t get this one, jake gave me a hint).

I wikied “red herring” and …. it’s doesn’t exist! Red Herring is an idiom that is used when “the purpose of which is to divert the audience from the truth or an item of significance.”

At this point I cried. Was this whole code adventure without an ending? Was it just a fun “adventure/journey” where the ending was unwritten? Jake assured me it wasn’t, but it WAS true that this code didn’t actually give any extra information. He pointed out that every third word in the second clue spelled out: “we are carrying a new child.”

BLAH! I mean, a fun time solving it, but it leaves me with no new information.