31 Days of Soul Shaping


This month I’m participating in the #Write31Days Challenge. Hundreds of people from all over are accepting the challenge to write about one topic everyday in the month of October. There are a ton of topics, so go on over and peruse to find a few that you want to follow the whole way through (and don’t forget to leave comments– we all need encouragement to keep on writing!!).

So, that being said, this month I’m writing about spiritual formation, i.e. how the soul is molded and shaped. We spend hundreds of dollars every year caring for our physical bodies. We know that we need to eat real food and exercise often. We know how to take care of our skin, nails, and hair. We even go to the doctor for checkups when we’re feeling good, and for remedies when we’re feeling sick.

But how do we take care of our soul? How is our soul shaped? What’s good for our soul? What’s bad for our soul? How are we wired and how does that affect our soul? What happens to our soul when we go through times of shifting faith? What resources are available to us if we want to be more intentional in caring for our soul?

These are the kinds of questions I hope to be working through this month. I’m no expert, but spiritual formation is a topic that is incredibly fascinating to me. I’d be happy for you to come along for the ride, and also to share your insights and opinions each day! It’ll help me to keep on writing. 🙂

Day 1: 31 Days of Soul Shaping

Day  2: What is Spiritual Formation?

Day 3: Sleep is Sacred

Day 4: Sabbathing

Day 5: Pray as You Go

Day 6: Ordinary Days

Day 7: Rule of Life, Part 1

Day 8: Rule of Life, Part 2

Day 9: Making Space for Daily Reflection (formation for kids)

Day 10: Best Books on Spiritual Formation, Part 1

Day 11: Margin

Day 12: The Sacred Ordinary Days Planner

Day 13: The Hard Days Shape Our Soul Too

Day 14: Scripture

Day 15: The Songs that Shape Us

Day 16: Practicing Authentic Gratitude

Day 17: Sacred Spaces

Day 18: Books to Read When Your Faith Feels Uncertain

Day 19: Doubt: The Big, Bad Wolf of Faith?

Day 20: The Beginning of My Doubt

Day 21: The Turning Point

Day 22: Questions Aren’t Just for Kids

Day 23: The Enneagram

Day 24: Keep Our Eyes on Jesus

Day 25: Book Review: Out of Sorts

Day 26: Money

Day 27: October Loves

Day 28: Work: How We Spend Our Days Matter

Day 29: Why Paid Work Matters

Day 30: Winning, Losing, and Why My Mom Stopped Playing Games with Me

Day 31: My Personal Spiritual Formation Reading List