The Family Reading List {April 2018}

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With the kids being gone with grandparents over spring break, we got a little space to breathe and around day 3 I remembered I had a blog. But then they came back and I promptly forgot again. 🙂

Because there are very few things I love more than recommending books, a family reading list post seemed to be the only right way to break a writing fast.

Anaya’s Reading List (5 years old)

Cows to The RescueCows to the Rescue

A farming family goes to the fair and needs help from the cows to win awards and play games. Anaya thinks it is hilarious (which is a very important factor for her)! The book comes with a CD, so little ones can listen on their own as well.


The Human BodyShine-A-Light: The Human Body

Although this line of books has been out for awhile, we’re just now getting into them. With a flashlight in hand, readers can get a peek into the wonders of the human body– a baby growing in a momma’s tummy, the bones that make up our skeleton, and food moving through the digestive tract.


Ada’s Reading List (7 years old)

I am Harriet TubmanI am Harriet Tubman

I think I’ve already shared about Brad Meltzer’s Ordinary People Change the World series, but it’s been awhile. His newest book is about Harriet Tubman, a brave woman who played a key role in helping slaves escape and find freedom through the Underground Railroad, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all readers, young or old! Meltzer is a genius at biographies for young children, and the illustrator, Christopher Eliopoulos, has become one of my favorites. You could not go wrong in checking this one out from the library (or adding it to your home collection!)

Others to try out:

Auggie and Me
No More Por Favor

Aly’s Reading List (9 years old)

Anne of Green GablesAnne of Green Gables: The Graphic Novel

Aly and I simply adore Anne of Green Gables, and this version did not disappoint! The illustrations are well done and the story-telling is excellent. Especially for those who may not be quite ready to travel through the original book, this would be a fun one to offer as an introduction.


Others to try out:

Babysitters Club: The Original Series 
Tuck Everlasting
Science Comics: Robots and Drones

Asante’s Reading List (10 years old)

The Crossover
The Crossover

The Crossover is about a kid who loves basketball. Until his dad started having health problems, they played basketball together on a regular basis. His twin brother took over for awhile but stopped playing with him after a new girl moved into town. It’s a story about growing up.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if Asante would like it. It’s a book written in verse, and he’s not super into poetry.  But since I knew the sports aspect was right on, I suggested it and he hesitantly gave it a try. Verdict: Asante really loved this book, and is eagerly awaiting his copy of the latest book in this series to arrive at the library.

Last Day on MarsLast Day on Mars

The first in the Chronicle of the Dark Star series, Last Day on Mars is a science fiction story set in the future- 2213 to be exact. Earth has long since been engulfed by the sun, and Mars is about to suffer the same fate. Most humans have fled Mars; there are only a couple people left who are planning to catch the last ride out. But as it happens, things don’t go as planned.



Others to try out:

Wrinkle in Time

Family Read Aloud

The Vanderbeekers of 141st StreetThe Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

I picked up this recommendation from Sarah over at Read Aloud Revival because her enthusiasm for this book was off the charts. This story is about 5 kids, ages 4.75-12, who come together to hatch a plan to help their family stay in their beloved brownstone New York apt.  While the initial plotline didn’t grab me, the sibling relationship absolutely did. This inspiring novel takes place over the span of 5 days–  a few chapters comprise each day. The characters are well-developed, semi-quirky (aka REAL), and lovable!

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