The Family Reading List {February 2017}

Family Reading List (february) (1)

Oh, y’all. We have had a good month of reading. Our bookshelves are oozing with a curation of interesting books, magazines, and graphic novels. Here are some of our faves.

Anaya’s Reading List (3.5 years old)

The Saddest Toilet in the World

Sam Apple

Although Anaya has been potty-trained for a LONG TIME, she adores books about potty-training. Probably because bodily functions are hilarious. She thrives on pushing the envelope of decency and humor. I will not surprised if she ends up being a stand-up comedian.

A quick synopsis goes like this: Kid doesn’t want to sit on the toilet, toilet gets sad and leaves home, boy misses toilet and family searches the city to find it. Preschoolers will love it. Parents can tolerate it.

Others to try out:

Louise and Andie: The Art of Friendship
Daniel Tiger: Nighttime in the Neighborhood
In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

Ada’s Reading List (6 years old)

The Water Princess 

Susan Verde

This new book tells the story of a young girl and her mom who walk a very long way, every single day, to get water for their family. It’s based on the childhood experience of model Georgie Badiel. The pictures are gorgeous, the writing is lyrical, and the perspective is appropriate for young children.




Others to try out:

Mason Jar Crafts for Kids
Stephanie’s Ponytail
I Have to Go
Wild Reptiles: Snakes, Crocodiles, Lizards and Turtles

Aly’s Reading List (7.5 years old)

Stories from Around the World

Heather Amery

Last month I talked about how Aly was in a bit of a dry spell with reading. Nothing could hold her attention for more than a few chapters. This month? The curse has been broken.

Aly and I have started a new routine- most nights before bed, Aly has been reading a story or two from this book. The stories vary in size, but all are within range of “perfect read aloud” length. We’ve read about Baba Yaga (from Russia), Puss in Boots (from France), and a tale from Greece about how turtles got their shell. I’m a big fan of Usborne books and this is definitely one of my faves.

Others to try out:

T-shirts: Fun & Easy Fashion Projects
Nancy Clancy Sees the Future
Living in China
Sketch Monsters: Escape of the Scribbles
The Boxcar Children Cookbook

Asante’s Reading List (9 years old)

Wednesday Wars

Gary Schmidt 

Asante is reading Wednesday Wars for school, and is LOVING IT. This story is about a 7th grade boy who has to spend Wednesday afternoons reading Shakespeare with a teacher who he’s pretty sure hates him. The boy has to overcome a series of unfortunate events and find the courage to embrace who he’s meant to be. I haven’t read it, but Asante finds it “funny, challenging, and interesting”!




Others to try out:

Sports Illustrated Slam Dunk
1st and Ten: Top 10 Lists of Everything in Football
Who Was Frederick Douglass? 

What books are your kids recommending?

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