An Introduction to Scripture Doodling

Over the past couple years I’ve become convinced that coloring, doodling, journaling, and drawing can all be helpful ways to connect with God. It’s easy for us non-artist types to shrug off these methods because we’re not that good at drawing. Or it feels too much like playing. Or ain’t nobody got time for that.

But, I think it’s often for these very reasons that we ought to just give it a try.

A couple years ago, I found myself locked into a particular way of connecting with God. Read. Pray. Music. Read. Pray. Music.

I needed something different. Something to engage a different part of my brain. So I began coloring.

I’ll admit that I gravitate towards coloring more than doodling, mostly because I’m good at it. I can color inside the lines. I’m decent at choosing colors. There’s an obvious finish line. Doodling, on the other hand, makes me a bit uncomfortable because I’m not always sure what to draw.


Scripture Doodle is a half-way house for those of us stuck in between the “I really want to try this” and “Man, I stink at drawing and have no idea what to do with a blank piece of paper.”

Scripture Doodle was born out of a dry creative space. April Knight was busy creating art for her clients, but was having a hard time creating art for the sake of art- as her act of worship. One day she found herself in an awful funk, and longed to connect with God wholeheartedly. In this moment, she got an idea to read a verse and draw whatever came to her mind. This practice became a daily expression of personal worship to God, and she soon started sharing on social media with hopes that it would encourage someone else.

Little did she know, #ScriptureDoodle was catching on.

Scripture Doodle is a 6-week series of daily devotions where April does a little pre-doodle, picks a theme and some verses, and then offers some suggestions on how to fill out the doodle with our own reflections, doodles, words, etc. I’m a huge fan of this because the beginning of the doodle is already there– I just have to “take it over.” This feels way less intimidating to me than a blank sheet of paper!

April also gives some sketch/color/art tips along the way. She mentions shading in one prompt, color wheel in another, how to draw borders, etc. It’s fun because I’m being equipped with some doodling ideas and skills along the way!

As a bonus, this devotional is full of non-cheese, down-to-earth, and some out-of-the box doodle prompts.

One example I find particularly fun is Seek and Find, where we’re challenged to hide the words to “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart” in the image:


Another one I think is super funny (and one I can wrap the kids in too)– Emojis. The challenge is to doodle a verse of my choosing ONLY in emojis. Hilarious, fun, and you better believe I’m never going to forget that verse :).


Final example (I wish I could show you all of them): color the world as you’re praying for different parts.


If you want to try it before you buy it, join April’s e-newsletter list for a free weekly devotion and printable doodle sheet!


Thanks to Liftfuse for the review copies of April’s Scripture Doodle devotionals in exchange for my honest review. 


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