My Favorite Tools to Use with my Planner


When using my planner, I love to have a stack of a variety of books and tools nearby to both enrich my time planning and reflecting… and to make it colorful!

In addition to the Sacred Ordinary Days planner, I use a variety of books:

  1. NIV Bible. I use the one that was published in 2011 because it uses gender-inclusive language.
  2. The New Oxford Annotated Bible. Sometimes I’ll use this version instead of the NIV because I love the footnotes included in this version, and the translation helps me understand things a bit differently than the NIV.
  3. Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals. I deeply resonate with this book of common prayer. Each day’s reading includes liturgical prayers, Scripture passages to read, a song suggestion to sing/hum/listen, and a short bit of wisdom from a church father/mother. My heart often resonates deeply with the prayers-  a bit gritty at times and always authentic.

Other tools:

  1. If I need a little color action, I use these colored pens, which are more marker than pen, IMO.  I love the variety of shades included. The only downfall-  I just have to make sure not to press too hard so they don’t bleed through.
  2. If I feel like journaling more than what fits in my planner, I use a Miquelrius journal. These journals are super inexpensive at Barnes & Noble, and have a great feel to them. I love the colors on the ends of the pages, the size of the pages, and the fact that it’s spiral bound. In the past I’ve ended up mod-podging the front; the cover material is perfect for it!
  3. Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to read a lot, but instead sense I need some space to pray and think. I’ll use this journal to color while I pray. Each spread has a different theme, so I can flip through until I find something that looks appropriate to my mood :). Yesterday I was feeling grouchy and discontent with my life, so I spent some time at the table with Ada, coloring a page about gratitude and giving thanks.
  4. Music is often a must. I’ve been spending most of my time with One Wild Life: Soul, Spirit, Body;  The Unmaking by Nichole Nordeman; and The Liturgists.

What are the books and tools that are stacked up near your favorite chair?

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