Night Owls Unite: How to Have Meaningful Time with God at Night


I don’t believe that being a morning person or a night owl is a part of our DNA. I think it often comes by necessity. At least it has in my case.

I used to be more of a morning person. I’d wake up at 5:30 or 6:00a and get my day going. I could get lots of things done before the rest of my friends starting rolling out of bed.

My life after kids has changed me. It’d be dreamy to spend some time in a peaceful, still house before the rest of the family awoke. I’d have my hot tea and my journal and spend time thinking and praying and writing. The kids would come down the stairs and I’d greet them with peace and cheerfulness and a warm breakfast.

But it’s just not happening.

More realistically, they bound out of bed at 6:30 and head straight for my room, armed with a million questions and “momma, can you help me _______”. I stumble down the stairs with my eyes half-closed, trying to do just enough to get them started on breakfast, but not too much that I fully wake up  and ruin my chances for a few more minutes of sleep on the couch.

Needless to say, times spent with Jesus are also not happening in the morning at this stage of life. And I’m mostly okay with that. I have no desire to make over my mornings, but instead choose to focus in on the evenings. It’s in this space of quiet after the chaos that I can say, “Okay, I’m ready to be still. To reflect. To plan. To pray.”

Using the SOD planner as a Night Owl

I played around with a few different ways of using the Sacred Ordinary Days planner in the evening instead of the morning and I think I’ve found a good rhythm.

  1. I spend time in the evenings reading through and thinking about the Scripture passages.
  2. I reflect on my day, asking questions like:
    1. When did I feel most joyful today?
    2. What zapped my energy?
    3. What leftovers of the day am l carrying right now that I need to lay down?
    4. Where did I see God at work today?
  3. I then flip the page and choose 3 projects for tomorrow, along the the cues and rest/rewards. I fill in some of my big events of the day, and quickly pray through those meetings or appointments.

This rhythm helps me to think clearly about the day that’s just happened. It also helps me to look forward, preparing myself for the day that is to come after getting a good nights rest.

I’d be curious– for all you other night owls, how do you create space for reflection, Scripture reading and prayer?




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