The Family Reading List {Summer 2016}

The Family Reading List

Welcome to the Family Reading List!

Each month I’ll be sharing a list of recommended books for kids. This carefully curated list will come straight from our bookshelves and will answer the question I get asked all the time- What are my kids reading and loving? I’ll not only feature one book from each kid’s list per month, but I’ll also give a short list of other books we highly recommend. Some of these books will be ones the kids read on their own. Others will be ones we listen to in the car or read aloud at night before bed.

I’m circling the kids into this series of fun monthly posts, and they’re already excited about sharing their recommendations. Who knows, they may even show up in some video recommendations in the future!

And of course, please feel free to leave book recommendations in the comments! We often find our next books to read through the recommendations of other families.

Anaya’s Reading List (3 years old)


Jane O’Connor

Could there be another book so perfect as Potty for a 3 year old? The only one that I can think of is Potty’s sister book, Toot. I know, I know, this book barely needs explanation. 🙂 But, I decided to feature this one because I know with 100% certainty that this is the one Anaya would recommend to all her 3 year old friends. The potty is oh-so-interesting.



Others to try out:

The C Book
No Such Thing
Extra Yarn

Ada’s Reading List (5 years old)


Peter Holwtiz

When a new kid moves to town, he’s a little different from everyone else. While the rest of the town is made of scribbles, this guy is made of straight lines. First comes surprise. Then suspicion. Questions of whether he belongs. One child reaches out to him with an open mind, and paves the way for a whole community to change their mind. This book is a great one for both kids and adults alike, helping us to see that differences are good and something to be celebrated. This is a great back-to-school book, a reminder that just because someone looks or acts different from you, it doesn’t mean they don’t belong. It just means we get to meet someone new!

Others to try out:

Clara and Clem: In Outer Space (easy reader)
Violet and Victor write the Most Fabulous Fairy Tale
The Berenstain Bears are Superbears!
Where’s the BaBOOn? A 2-in-1 Book Game



Aly’s Reading List (7 years old)

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Trenton Lee Stewart

This novel is about 4 very gifted kids who are recruited to become “The Mysterious Benedict Society”… they are sent on a mission to figure out what’s going on inside the walls of the Learning Institute for the Very Gifted. Each child is gifted in a different way, and together these strangers become close friends as they dig deep into the mysteries and structures of the Learning Institute. My 4 kids have all been listening to this series (not reading it). We mostly listen in the car and at bedtime. They are currently on book #3 in the series. This is a fun one for the whole family!


Others to try out:

Bea Garcia: My Life in Pictures
The Conquerors
Iggy Peck, Architect
The Red Hat

Asante’s Reading List (8 years old)

Nooks and Crannies

Jessica Lawson

If I didn’t know better, I would think that Nooks and Crannies was written by Roald Dahl– it has that twist of oddness and dash of edginess that Dahl generally brings to his books. Which is probably one of the reasons the kids love to listen. In this story, six kids end up in the home of Countess Camilla DeMoss, and after the children start to go missing, one by one, Tabitha Crum gets brave and goes to find them. We love the adventure, the mystery and the excitement of this fun story! This is truly a great middle grade mystery.


Others to try out:

Guinness World Records (Biggest and Smallest edition)
Garfield Says a Mouthful
Year in Sports 2016
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child


What books are you reading as a family?


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2 thoughts on “The Family Reading List {Summer 2016}

  1. Tiffany:

    How do you find there books? I recognized Anaya’s “Potty” recommendation and all the rest look intriguing for different reasons. Scribbleville has been added to our Christmas list. Thanks for the recommendation! As School Houserock says, knowledge is power!

    Izzy (age 5) is reading Piggy & Gerald’s “I really like Slop”. Okay… the author is actually Mo Willems. Lots of silly scenes. Good read over and over again.

    Aiden (age 6) is borrowing a chapter book in the Geronimo Stilton series. He’s excited to be able to use a bookmark to read a longer story. My husband and I are taking turns reading with him at night so we’ll need to wait until the story ends for a vote.

  2. Hey Marcy!

    I love what Izzy and Aiden are reading. We LOVE anything by Mo Willems. We’ve found that the kids haven’t yet outgrown his books– Jake and I love to read them too :).

    We find our books a variety of ways.
    1. We just go to the library on a weekly basis and peruse the shelves. we like to go to different libraries around the area, because they have different selections.
    2. I read some book blogs (brightly, scholastic, plus a few other blogs that books end up showing up on) and add to my list that way.
    3. I check out a LOT of books (we generally have around 100 from the library). some of them are total duds, which is fine. But we try them out anyway! For every good book, we find 3-4 so-so ones.
    4. On Amazon, I find one book the kids like, and then I look at the “what others bought” bar to get other suggestions.

    Let us know if you come across other good ones! 🙂

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