Brave Girls: Beautiful You {book review}


Brave Girls: Beautiful You is a 90-Day Devotional written for elementary-aged girls.

Each day, girls read a one-page devotional designed to help them see that beauty starts on the inside, and that God created them to love Him, themselves, and one another.

How It’s Set Up

Each week is themed around a different aspect of beauty- fashion, creativity, fitness, serving others. One Brave Girl (Gracie, Hope, or Glory) introduces the theme at the beginning of the week along with 15 devotions following the theme. Each Brave Girl has their own personality and own style- a super girly girl, an athletic type, and a girl who loves to create.


I appreciate how a decent portion of the content is centered around Scripture. The text encourages girls to love God and love others. However, I was uncomfortable with some of the devotions– particularly when the message could make the girls feel a bit shamed.

One example: Day 63 introduced the idea that our bodies are a temple for God’s Holy Spirit, and so we need to take care of them. It then goes on to a quiz which gives girls after-school scenarios and asks them to choose the answer that best describes their normal behavior patterns. Depending on their score, the girls are told that their fitness level is either flat and they need to get up, go out and start exercising. Or their fitness is fair and they need to push themselves more. OR, they are applauded for their great fitness and their “temple should be fit for whatever adventures God has in store.”

Eek! I don’t think I’m reading for my 1st/2nd grader to associate her fitness level with her ability to be on adventure with God. For many young girls, these issues may not even be on their radar yet (for a healthy reason).

Fun Factor

Aly and I like how many of the devotions include ways that the girls can interact, whether that be through taking a quiz, brainstorming a list of ideas, answering a question, or drawing a picture.

Overall Impression

Unless your daughter is into fashion and exercise and makeup, skip this one. I’ll find a better one for you :).


Thanks to Booklook Bloggers for providing this review copy. All opinions are mine! 

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