What I’m Into {May 2016}

What I'm Into May 2016

Only 8 more days of school left for the kiddos, but who’s counting??

May Highlights


‘Tis the season to find these little cutesy green worms everywhere.


These throwback merry-go-rounds are hard to come by. I love that we have a little park tucked back in our community that still has one of these. We made good use of it this month!


On Memorial Day we got to spend a chill day with friends- swimming, grilling out, taking a leisurely hike (on which we found this waterfall!). Days like these are numbered with these family friends; we’re going to be super sad when they leave us!



Building a Home Your Kids Want to Come Home To // Our long-term parenting goals include helping our kids become interdependent adults (yep, you read that right– not independent but interdependent- that’s probably for another post) and creating a close relationship that lasts long after they’ve left the house. I love reading the wisdom of parents who are further along than we are. We’re constantly making small adjustments to our parenting, and it’s articles like these that help us out a lot.

When God is Unfaithful: reclaiming a theology of lament // Hard things happen. Life gets tricky. We feel disappointed. Sometimes we might even feel like God didn’t hold up his end of the deal. Too often these feelings get swept under a rug because many of us don’t have a good way of expressing these feelings to ourselves or to others. We need a more robust theology of lament.

The Hospitality of Marriage: Loving Like It’s New // “We hadn’t yet known how hard making a life together is: when he was a boy and I was a girl and we were newly in love.”

Rice Krispies: My Spiritual Awakening // “Perhaps it isn’t any wonder why we struggled. We had been fed a steady diet for years that we were meant to change the world, to be heroes, to be different than the rest of the world, to be radical, to prepare only for the mountaintop! Exclamation points! And when we found ourselves in adulthood with the truth that there are diapers to change and bills to pay, toilets to clean and laundry to fold, time cards to punch and late nights to work, it felt too humble and too altogether ordinary to possibly be God’s will for us.” 



You know now much I love the Enneagram! Episode 12 of Sorta Awesome is a fun one where Leigh Kramer talks with show host, Megan Tietz.

I just discovered I Am They and I’m a fan.


Projects I’m Supporting

S.D. Smith is kickstarting his next book, Ember Falls. We LOVED the Green Ember here in our house, and are super excited about the possibility of this next book in the series to come out. They are super close to the goal, so if you feel so inclined, jump on this bandwagon!

Oasis International has partnered with a bunch of African leaders and theologians in order to write an African Study Bible. And while there are lots of countries and cultures represented on the huge continent of Africa, it seems like the leaders are excited about this project. They are still quite a ways from their goal, so if this is your sort of thing- read more here and give some money! 


My May Blog Posts

Coloring as Spiritual Formation

“Somewhere around junior high I put my crayons on the shelf.  And while they came back out for a brief time when I was in college (I found a really fantastic biology coloring book!), it wasn’t until the past couple years that I’ve started to re-connect with my love for coloring.

And it’s also during this time that I’ve found how helpful it is for me in connecting with God.”




Make your own-3


“There’s nothing more I want in life than to get this parenting thing “right”. And of course, the reality of parenting is that there is no “right”. Math problems have right answers. Jeopardy questions have right answers. Parenting does not have right answers.”





Summers Are Our Jam

The post in which we talk about all the fun things we’ll be doing this summer.







What are you loving this month?? 

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  1. Right now, it’s full steam ahead on the garden. If I can get everything into the ground and growing before I begin my new job on June 6 . . . I win!

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