Summers are Our Jam

Summers Are Our JamWe’re starting to dream about warm summer days, long stretches of afternoon with nothing we HAVE to do. When school is out, we’re all like–  FREEDOM!!!!!

Well, except me. I’ll be working. 🙂

But because half of my heart is still at home all day, and because Jake is so awesome as to let me speak into the summer schedule, here are some of the fun (and helpful) things we’ll be doing this summer:

We will play outside. Explore. Ride bikes. Dig in dirt. Play basketball. Swing. Chalk. Picnic. Maybe work a little on our Park Challenge (visiting every park in our city). Anything that involves being outside of our cute and cozy apartment and basking in the warm summer sunshine. The kids are doing local camps this summer, which will give them a little bit of freedom and structure outside as well.

We’re keeping up on math skills. We’ll have a little bit of math practice everyday to help prevent all the memorization work from being lost, as well as prime the kids for some things they’ll be learning next year. We’ve found that at least one of our kids needs a bit of a head start in order to have the confidence in herself to learn hard things. We won’t be doing a whole lot, but enough to keep it fresh.

We’ll be learning more geography. Because of where we live, our kids have a natural bent towards learning where different countries are and talking about and experiencing different cultural events/foods/etc. We’d be dumb to ignore this natural curiosity. I have a fun Pinterest board going to help collect ideas of how to have fun around geography!

We’ll be starting a rock collection, or maybe it’d be more accurate to say, building our rock collection. The two older kids worked through a rocks and minerals unit in school this year, and they are all in. They’ll also have the opportunity to do a little excavation!

We’re building a robot. No joke! We bought a kit and we’ll be putting it together this summer.

Anaya will be learning her ABCs. Because seriously. We are done being lazy about this. 🙂 If a girl can throw around Little Rascal movie quotes, I think she’s ready for a little ABC action.

We’ll be reading... of course. As always, we’ll sign up for every summer reading program under the sun (Half Price Books, local libraries, Barnes and Noble), because the kids love to get rewarded for something they do all the time anyway. We have big plans to work through a set of classics for kids I found at the library. We’re being overachievers and starting now (Anne of Green Gables is the first one up to bat!).

Intentional Fun Activities. I’ve created a 2016 Summer Pinterest Board of fun experiments and projects, as well as things to learn! A little coding. Some cooking adventures. Bowling for free.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.21.31 PM


And of course, there will be plenty of margin to just hang out and play games and get bored. 🙂 But, generally, we’ve found that providing a bit of basic structure allows for a happier family (and it will allow Jake to get a little time to work everyday if the kids are in a rhythm!).

While living a 1950s throwback summer is tempting, we’ll work on making 2016 a summer to remember. 


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