What I’m Into {April 2016}

What I'm Into-4I’m sitting here at the computer in a sweatshirt, jeans and a big cozy blanket laying across my lap. My cup of steaming vanilla tea is warming me because I refuse to turn the heat on and warm up my 65 degree house. It’s 40 degrees outside even though we’re nearly in May.

It’s hard to believe that last weekend we were running around the soccer fields in t-shirts and shorts, eagerly talking about all the things we’re going to do now that we’re for sure done with winter.

My solution to all this whining? I’m going to rewind 3 days and pretend we’re still in 60/70 degree weather and tell you about all the goodness that comes along with warmer weather.

First of all, April means birthdays in our family. We got to celebrate the lives of two of my favorite people in the world:


We also started soccer this month, which means more evenings/weekends than not are spent on a soccer field with a picnic basket in tow. Pinterest has been super helpful in finding easy on-the-go meals: brats, gourmet grilled cheese, stromboli, and BBQ chicken sandwiches. Laying out a blanket and letting the kids run around and play has been a perfect way to re-introduce the outdoors to our evening rhythm.


Know what else comes with warmer weather? Summer Reading.

Growing up I LOVED my library’s summer reading program, and I always wished the fun would carry on into adulthood. But for now, I live vicariously through my kids and we do every reading program under the midwest-Madison sun. The first one is kicking off in a couple weeks (Barnes and Noble), but we’ll wait until school is out before we officially start. Preparations, however, have begun. Here’s a great list of some nation-wide programs!

What I’m Into on the Internet

How the Internet is Killing the Book Review// I write a lot of book reviews here on Learning to Love, and to be honest, I sometimes feel the pressure of giving a good review even if I thought the book was just okay. For me, it’s because I frequently get comments from the authors, and hence I’m always thinking about them when I’m writing the review. This article challenges me to dig in a bit, and figure out a way to honor the author’s hard work while also honoring my own feelings and thoughts, as well as the people who are reading the review.

Oh, girl, you’re graduating? Read these! // To all my friends who are graduating from college (or graduate school), consider this list of books as your first post-college reading list. Excellent choices… I’ve even added one or two of them to my list (and I’ve been out of college for a good long while :)).

Super Cute Erin Condren Planner Stickers (free!) // These stickers are super fun!

20 Libraries so Beautiful, They’ll Bring Out the Bookworm in Anyone // These libraries make me want to hop on a plane (with a bag of good books, of course).

A Liberation Theology for Single People // Christena Cleveland knocked this out of the park.

The Real Working Woman’s Life // All of this.

Jesus’ Lack of Faith: An Easter Message // “True faith—the kind that Jesus and the biblical heritage model—is not about having and holding on to certainty. Certainty comes and goes, but true faith recognizes and embraces the struggles, challenges, and doubts as normal and expected for the life of faith, which at the end of the day lead to greater spiritual depth.”

What I’m Into Around the House

This month I got my first Stitch Fix, and I’m SO GLAD I DID. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I’m not a big spender and had heard the clothes were a step up from my Target sales rack prices. Eh. I can shop for myself, thankyouverymuch.

But then I started a job, and clothes began to matter a little bit more to me than they did before, and I found myself wondering if having someone else shop for pants that would fit me would be better overall than me taking 3 hours to look for something that would fit my short legs. So I signed up with a little trepidation, wondering if they could deliver. Is this worth it?

They did. And it was. I have decided to get a new fix every 3-4 months (in time for the change of seasons). My clothes budget isn’t huge, but I’d rather have 2 nice pieces of clothing that I love and that fit me well than a dozen that I could take or leave.

 WhatWE're Reading

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  1. Great post! (Found you thru Leigh’s monthly linkup). Love the opening paragraph–such a comfy moment. I always look forward to Leigh’s linkups, b/c I can settle in with a cup of coffee and a notebook as I read the posts to take down my favorite bits of inspiration. Really enjoyed your links to posts you read this month – in particular, the libraries (swoon!) and the book review post. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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