What We’re Reading (April 2016)

WhatWE're Reading

As we head into spring, our book lists continue to grow. Warm weather doesn’t mean less reading, it just means reading in different places (i.e. on a blanket on the sideline of a soccer game or under a big shady tree!)  Here’s what we’re reading this month!

My Reading List

The Sin of Uncertainty

Peter Enns

In his new book, Peter Enns explores what goes wrong when our need to “know the right things” is placed in the center of our faith experience, and he encourages readers to consider that the pursuit of right doctrine and right views might be distracting them from the very person they are supposed to be trusting in. I’m over halfway through and this book is excellent, written in Peter’s typical thoughtful, clever, and down to earth way. I’ll be writing a full review on this by the end of the month, so stay tuned!



Redeeming Sex

Debra Hirsch

We’ve been talking about faith and sex and what it means to live and love others well in this hyper sexualized culture. Debra Hirsch is a gifted writer and speaker, and she’s taught me a lot about why Jesus cares about our sexuality, and what the church can learn to help others grow in this area of discipleship. I’ve only just begun this book, but I’ve watched a couple of her talks, and she’s really fantastic!



And It Was Beautiful

Kara Tippetts

I received this book as a review copy, mostly because I was finally ready to read Kara’s story of dying well. And It Was Beautiful is basically her blog put into book form, and it truly is special to read. I think it’s particularly unique because generally, when an author sits to down to write a memoir, they have the end in mind.  And with this end in mind, they can shape the rest of the story in anticipation of the bigger picture. For Kara, she was writing a story for which she didn’t have a known ending. I think this makes her story all the more beautiful. If you choose to read it, know that you’ll probably cry yourself through it. :).


Anaya’s Reading List (3 years old)

Fancy Nancy: Puppy Party

Jane O’Connor

Anaya has moved onto a new love– Fancy Nancy! This glittery, fancy-loving character has lots of problems to solve and parties to throw and she loves using fancy words along the way. While I’m pretty sure Anaya doesn’t understand half of the books, she is quite content to listen to the stories and is always asking for me to read it again, please!



Ada’s Reading List (5 years old)

Bink and Gollie: Two for One

Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee

We’re huge Kate DiCamillo fans, and this Bink and Gollie didn’t disappoint. Bink and Gollie are two friends who are total opposites, yet incredibly close. In this book, they go to the circus and are faced with a series of disheartening situations. In the end, they are reminded that their friendship is something that won’t change, despite life’s disappointments. This is a book that helps young readers can confidence in their reading abilities!




Aly’s Reading List (7 years old)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Jake loves the classics. I pretend to love them and I WANT my kids to love them, so we’re trying to introduce kid-friendly classics in a form that will be appealing to them. Aly devoured this version of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Pictures are scattered throughout this book, a major plus for this young reader!




princessinblackThe Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

Shannon Hale and Dean Hale

This easy chapter book is the 3rd in the Princess in Black series, and is just as good as the previous two. For kids who love princesses who turn into ninjas and go on adventures, have unicorns named Frimplepants, and find themselves in messy situations, this book is for them. I love that this book shows a girl character that is as much ninja as princess.




Asante’s Reading List (8 years old)

The Familiars

Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobsen

This 4 book series is about the magical companions of wizards and witches, and all the adventures they go on. Asante tore threw this 4 book series in a little over a week. I love that we found something new to capture his attention! I suggested the books to him because he loved Harry Potter so much, but he said it’s not actually that similar other than it being a fantasy book that involves magic :).




What books are you reading as a family?

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