Glimmer Girls: A Dolphin Wish {children’s book review}


Aly is in arm’s reach of turning 7, and her love for fiction is as strong as ever. While she loves playing outside, hanging with her friends, and playing with her siblings, the day would not be complete without her snuggling under her covers as the sun goes down to either read or listen to a good story.

As Aly’s interest in her faith gradually increases, I’ve been trying to find some interesting, faith-based books that would also nurture her soul. I’m at the beginning stages of this, and so the first series we’re trying out is the Glimmer Girls. This series is by Natalie Grant, and it’s a set of stories about the adventures of 3 sisters- twins, Mia and Maddie, and their little sister Lulu- as they travel around the country with their famous singing momma, their producer dad, and their nanny, Miss Julia.

[The general parallel to the author’s life is not lost on me– Natalie is a famous christian music artist who has 3 daughters- two of them being twins. I think it’s funny that the stories mirror that part of her life, and I can’t help but wonder if these adventure stories started out as bedtime stories for her girls!]


In this particular story, A Dolphin Wish (book #2), the family is on vacation in San Diego when they hear that the animal handlers at Captain Swashbuckler’s Adventure Park are having trouble keeping the animals in their right habitats. The girls smell a mystery, and they jump in, while getting into mischief along the way.

I read a good portion of it to Aly aloud, and while she was happy to cuddle up and read with me, we were both having trouble getting into the book. The writing is just fine, and the characters seem quite likable, but we both felt like it just couldn’t hold our interest. We decided to circle back around to this series in a couple years, but until then, we continue our quest for some interesting, faith-based books!

Are there any faith-based fiction books that your son or daughter has really enjoyed?? We’d love to hear about them!

Thanks to Booklook Bloggers for the review copy! 


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