What I’m Into {March 2016}

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He is Risen!

Easter (or Resurrection Day, as we like to call it around here) has become my favorite holiday over the past few years. It’s too easy for me to forget that this tiny portion of life here on earth is not all there is, and celebrating the empty tomb reminds me of the crazy hope I have that one day, this will all be made right.

Racism. War. Sex-trafficking. Premature death. Hunger. Bombings. Relational Strife. Competition.

It will all be made right. Praise. God.

In the meantime, we wait. And we gather together to remind ourselves of this good news each week. I used to kinda guffaw at people when they talked about how they needed to go to church on Sundays to “fill up their tank.” I thought, surely your tank can be full ANYTIME and why don’t you just spend time each day filling up on your own?

But, it’s true in the way that we NEED each other. We need to be reminded of the hope. Of the joy. Of the good news. Of God’s great love and compassion for us. Our human hearts have short attention spans, especially in particularly difficult seasons of life. I’m so thankful for community.


On a totally disconnected note, I’m sharing some of my favorite things from this past month. How’s that for a creative transition?! 


Things I’m Loving Around the House


green tea
Barney and Sons Coconut Green Tea // I’ve drank this coconut green tea everyday for the past 3 weeks. It’s heavenly.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 3.34.04 PM

My Style Pinterest Board // I finally joined StitchFix because

  1. I have zero time to shop
  2. My clothes are getting pretty worn out, and
  3. When I do have time to shop, I have a hard time finding things that fit me well because I’m so short :).

We’ll see what they can come up with! In the meantime, I’ve been having fun creating my Style Board on Pinterest!

Easy Chicken Pad Thai // While this did take the hubby more than 30 minutes to make, it was delicious and used fairly simple ingredients.


Apps I’m Loving


Avokiddo’s ABC Ride // My sweet Anaya is nearly three and can identify one letter of the alphabet. This has nothing to do with her intelligence (I mean, I’m guessing), but 99% with Jake and I’s lack of intentionality. Although, now that I think about it, buying this app still doesn’t reflect any real amount of intentional parenting on our part (“Here sweetie, play this game.”). Whoops. 🙂 Anyway, this is a good one.


Books I’m Loving

Carry On

Carry On, Warrior (Glennon Melton) // I know, I know. Why have I only just now read this fantastic book? The truth is- I tried to read it a year ago and couldn’t get into it. Looking back, I think I thought my life was going pretty good and I just couldn’t relate. While nothing horrible has happened since then, God’s been opening my eyes to how incredibly fragile we all are. Oh how we need voices like Glennon’s that will help us to see how much we’re loved, and remind us that living graceful, authentic lives where we don’t have to strive for this THING (whatever that magical thing is in our lives– I have lots of things, ugh) is actually better than having that THING.


Articles I’m Loving

Sometimes We Just have to Quit // “In high school, you’re successful because you take on and do so much. But that’s not what makes you a success — or even an interesting person — in adult life.”

How to Create Stunning Blog Post Title Images // While I obviously haven’t put this into practice, I like the idea. To the dry erase board!

My to-do list and my wish list // This shift in perspective is huge.

Pineapples and Flamingos // These free planner stickers are adorable and they remind me of warmth (please, spring temperatures, come soon!!).

5 Weak Words to Avoid and What to Use Instead // I need to write these on a post-it next to my computer. 🙂

The Magical Key to Doing It All // No one is doing it all. We don’t have to either. If you need permission to just slow down and do less, read this!


On My Blog this Month

The Gift Drawer: 20 Birthday Gifts for Under $10 // Gift ideas for all the elementary school kids in your life!

Tripping Our Way Towards Gender Equality // Parenting with an eye towards gender equality. As if parenting isn’t hard enough ;).


Today I’m linking up over at What I’m Into on Leigh Kramer’s blog!

3 thoughts on “What I’m Into {March 2016}

  1. Stitch Fix is great! I have several pieces that they sent me that are my absolute favorites, especially my jeans. 🙂 The quality is always great, though sometimes the prices are high.

  2. I love your words around Easter/Resurrection Day! That tea sounds lovely – a taste of the tropics as we emerge into warmer days. 🙂

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