What I’m Into {February 2016}

This month marked my first full month of working out of the home all day. We’ve been talking a lot about rhythms and babysitters and schedules and after-school pick-ups. Jake and I have texted more than we ever have, both to connect with each other… “you are never going to believe what I just read” and also to help smooth out the many transitions that speckle our days- “what time will you be home so dinner can be timed right?” and “hey will you grab the boxtops from the school office today at pickup?”

My window for hobbies and creative outlets is shrinking quickly. This month I’ve had to start sifting through all the “stuff” I did before working outside of the home all day.

Which ones are important? All of them.

Which bring the most joy? Um, all of them.

Which one can I not imagine NOT doing? Uhhhh. none of them?

Needless to say I’ve been awesome at figuring out new rhythms. 🙂

BUT whatever, all of that crazy work for another night. Tonight? I’m going to share all the little awesomes of the month.


What I’m Listening To

Sorta Awesome with Megan Tietz// I’ve heard this recommended over and over, and I finally listened to an episode this week (Episode 43: Why We Can’t Get Enough of Myers-Briggs). I particularly loved the great 200 level conversation on the limitations of Myers-Briggs. I really enjoy some personality profiling, but it can get a little too limiting for me.

The Liturgists// I’m a Liturgist groupie, but fell off the listening bandwagon several months ago. The episodes are long and very rarely did I have a time and space to dedicate energy to listening. BUT, this week I listened to Episode 30: Prophet or Ass? and again, it was so worth the 65 minutes I spent listening in. Science Mike and Michael Gungor had Rachel Held Evans on the show, and they worked through deciphering the difference between someone speaking prophetically and someone just being a jerk. It was enlightening AND completely hilarious.


What I’m Watching

After a long relationship with Chuck, I haven’t had the courage to jump back into Netflix TV yet. I get so emotionally invested in TV shows and the ends feel too similar to relational break-ups to me. Who has emotional bandwidth for that?! This month I decided to start working my way through all movies Jane Austen. So far I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice. Swoon. On my list for March? Becoming Jane and Emma.


What I’m Playing

Uno, Forbidden Desert, Yatzhee, Dr. Mario. Tetris. {Hello Family Game Nights!}


What I’m Cooking

Korean Beef Bowl// a crowd pleaser

Lasagna Roll-ups with Garlic Cheese Bombs// a grown-up favorite


What I’m Reading

Our February Book Lists// Between the World and Me, Maelstrom, Invitation to the Journey and my littles’ February favorites.


And Jake built this super fun reading loft this month too! We’ve added some artwork and lights since this picture– I’ll have to update or progress next month.

What I’m Doing

My most favoritest thing about February was a weekend trip we took to Chicago to meet up with some “college friends” (I keep telling people this, but actually I think I didn’t know any of them until the year after we graduated!). We gathered all of our littles into a hotel in the windy city and had an amazing time talking, eating, and checking out the Museum of Science and Industry. One of the evenings we packed 8 adults and 9 children into a hotel room and hung out until 11p. The kids were perfect and the conversation was life-giving. We drove away on Sunday afternoon incredibly grateful for these families– their love and care and authenticity.


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer’s monthly What I’m Into.  


8 thoughts on “What I’m Into {February 2016}

  1. I have been told by several friends that I need to binge watch Chuck and I think it is going to be happening in the near future. My friends tell me that it has the best playlist of songs on TV.

  2. Yay for Sorta Awesome! It’s such a fun podcast to listen to. If you go way back in the archives, you’ll find me on there as a guest host discussing the Enneagram. I see some Red Couch picks on your book list and it makes me happy.

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