Date Night In: Old School Video Games

Date Night In_

Another Friday, another Date Night In idea!


Video games.

But please don’t hand me an Xbox controller. I need simple and low-stress. 2D is good enough for me.

Growing up I have good memories of watching my big sister dominate all kinds of Nintendo games. And while I don’t have that beloved Nintendo anymore, I do have a Super Nintendo that works wonderfully and includes some old skool games like, you know. Super Mario, Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Zelda. Just to name a few.

[I have my eye on QBert3. Anyone remember loving this game??]

Jake has some similar memories with the Nintendo, AND we played a decent amount while dating in college. Why not play after the kids go to bed?

We also like to play cooperatively together, and while I’m unaware of cooperative games for the Nintendo, we do have some favorites on the Wii:

  1. Tetris Party– cooperative version (so fun!)
  2. Big Brain Academy— which, of course, we could CHOOSE to make this competitive, but it’s mostly just fun to see our personal bests :).
  3. The Legend of Zelda– it’s a one player game, so we just take turns “driving” and figure things out together.
  4. Super Mario Bros.– Of course. Classic wii coop.

The point of playing video games on a date night isn’t to win or to conquer the game, per se, but it’s about the “it’s-so-second-nature-that-we-talk-and-laugh-a-lot”. And the “let’s-solve-this-video-game-adventure-together” bonding. And maybe a teensy bit of “wow-i-still-dominate-you-at-dr.-mario” (I’m REALLY GOOD, y’all….).

Do you guys ever play video games with your significant other? What’s your favorite video game to play?


One thought on “Date Night In: Old School Video Games

  1. I love this idea! I was the Tetris master in my house growing up. My husband is a gamer, and one of our first dates was playing Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 I think. Thank you for sharing this! He and I need to play a simple game again 🙂

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