Date Night In: Puzzlemania


One of my goals for this year is to be intentional about spending time with Jake. A big way we do this is by setting aside Friday nights for Date Night In.

We’ve done a variety of things for Date Night In, but if we’re not intentional about thinking up something creative to do, we end up on the couch snuggling and watching Netflix. While this is not a horrible way to spend a Friday evening after a long week of work and school, it’s always a good idea to change things up.

Date Night In Idea #1: Puzzlemania

This may sound lame to some, but listen– it’s NOT.

Puzzling is a great low-key way for us to work on a project while talking, sharing about our week, asking each other questions about various issues or problems we’ve been thinking about all week.

For competitive couples, this is kinda like a game except better: there’s a slight mental challenge but you both win- no fighting about winning or losing :).

We like to try out interesting puzzles. While we can’t get a 1000 piece finished in an evening, we just end up carrying it into the next week/Date Night In. If you’re wanting the puzzle to be contained to 1 night, maybe try a 500 piece.

Here are some recommendations of fun puzzles to try:



The Fantastic Voyage// Ravensburger



Bizarre Bookshop 2// Ravensburger



3D Hogwart’s Puzzle// Wrebbit



World in Words// Ravensburger



African Harmony Puzzle// White Mountain



St. Louis Puzzle with a Twist// Puzzle Twist 



1990s// White Mountain


Do you ever do puzzles during a Date Night In? What’s one of your favorites??

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