New Graham Blanchard Book: Jesus Helps Me

For those of you who have been around the blog, you already know how much I love Graham Blanchard Publishing. Not only is Callie and the team FANTASTIC, the books they publish are really one of a kind.


This past week they’ve published a new one in their Learning series: Jesus Helps Me.


Using the passage from John 12:44-47 coupled with examples from nature, kids learn how they can relate to Jesus through staying close to Him, using our special sense called faith (love this!), and noticing what kind of life makes our heart glad. The book ends with a few reflection questions that you can use to talk with your child.


For those who are following along, get excited for a Jesus Knows Me Coloring and Activity book coming out in May. Our house of colorers is especially looking forward to that one!

As always, thanks to Graham Blanchard and my friends at Sheldon Interaction for the review copy! 

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