Never Miss a Birthday Again {My Birthday Card Experiment}


I really love celebrating birthdays- friends. family. neighbors, my kids. Jake’s. Mine. Whoever. Birthdays are days of unfettered love and spoiling, a yearly reminder that for one day, your little world stops to celebrate the sheer wonderfulness of your presence on earth.

Case in point. I’ve try to throw great birthday parties for the kids each year. Ice Cream. Chess/Royalty. Monster Princess. Art. Woodland Creatures. It’s so much fun for me, mostly because I love seeing how exciting and celebrated my kids feel.

I was lucky to land a hottie that understands my love of birthdays. Jake has been known to plan some fantastic, over-the-top parties for me over the years. One year he threw me a Sixteen and Pregnant Birthday Party/Baby Shower (I was actually 30 and pregnant, thank you very much. :)). And another year he planned a whole day of birthday party celebration that was supported by some awesome friends who watched our kids. Another year he made a 2 month long adventure (from my birthday to our anniversary) that included cracking codes and solving riddles. It was EPIC. And then there was the “Another World is Possible” party which started out as a scavenger hunt with some of my besties and ended up with a party in which people were dressed in other-world costumes. And of course, my Link (Legend of Zelda) mini-party.

All of this to say- birthdays rock!

BUT, dun dun dun. I stink at celebrating birthdays of people who are not in my zip code or city.  We have a lot of friends and family that fall into this category.

Typically I remember the day before that it’s so-and-so’s birthday tomorrow and I SHOULD have sent a card last week in order for it to get there on time.

Oh no! What’s their address?

I need to go buy a birthday card!

And, ugh I’m out of stamps! 

Sometimes I send the card late (sorry! here I am, belated again- yay!) or I send a nice email or e-gift card instead (thank you internet!).

This year (okay, just 2 days ago, sorry friends and family who have birthdays in January!) I’ve decided to do something different. I’m going to write out birthday cards for EVERYONE in the next 2 weeks. Like, for the entire year.  I’ll spend a little time thinking and praying over what to write and then get them signed, sealed, addressed and stamped, READY TO BE MAILED at a moment’s notice.

Why birthday cards that people will just throw away? Well, I think that it’s pretty fantastic to be showered with personal fun mail that can then sit around days after said birthday to remind you of your fantastic self. I rarely re-read emails, but special birthday cards are tucked in a special place that I revisit from time-to-time.

Anyway, I’ll give my experiment a whirl and see how it goes. Perhaps this will be the year that I get cards to my beloveds on their special day!

Anyone else have trouble mailing birthday cards? Or perhaps you do something different! How do you celebrate friends and family who are living far from you?



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