How to Slow Down in a Busy World {a Book Review}

I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all just really busy.

It was predicted that our society would now be at the point where we would be working 20 hour work weeks and enjoying the extra time with our family and friends.

Turns out we’re working more hours than ever. And even for those who don’t work outside the home, they not only take care of their children all day, but are putting in long hours of work after kids are in bed to supplement the family income. See ya later free time- it was nice to know you!

Alli Worthingto feels the crunch. She’s an author, speaker, blogger, and Executive Director of Propel Women. She’s also a mom of 5 boys. *Gulp*Breaking+Busy+Cover

Alli’s new book, Breaking Busy, is about making life less busy, and more full. A busy life feels frantic, stressful, and hurried. It’s that feeling like you’re always a half of a step behind and if you slow down for even a tiny second, the waters are going to engulf you. A full life feels like you’re doing what you were created to do, living within the time, emotional, and financial boundaries of your life.

Alli shares her best tips for unravelling the busy and instead helping women focus more on the full- what is our calling? What fulfills us? What expectations of others can we lie down? How can we change our thought life as well as our decision making process to create a less busy life? How is our communication patterns contributing to our busyness? Alli gets into the organizational details of our lives to help us discover places that may be unintentionally contributing to our busyness.

breaking busy

Alli’s super down-to-earth and certainly has the life experiences to share. She’s a high-capacity person who has been coaching others for years, in addition to leading, teaching, and building a business herself.

Thanks to Alli for inviting me onto the Launch team to help others hear about her book! While I received this book for free as a part of the launch team, these opinions are 100% my own!


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