Making a Yearly Family Soundtrack

Make your own family soundtrack

Music is powerful, especially when it comes to memories and emotions.

Prime Examples:

Whenever I hear Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” I think about couple skating with Kyle in 4th grade. I was SO HAPPY that he finally asked me to skate with him, but equally as disappointed because in just a few short weeks I was moving to a new town.

Or Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” — roller skating in 6th grade. I was very much in the middle of a teenage angst and this song sang right into my poor adolescent heart.  Middle school is hard, y’all.

Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden brings me back to high school– I listened to this song on repeat for an entire school year as I was going to sleep.  I’ll spare you the details of my emotions about this one ;).

So there’s that :).

In October I was in the middle of the 31 Days of Soul Shaping series, and I spent a day thinking and writing about some of the most powerful songs that have shaped my inner life over the past couple years.

The wheels started turning– in the same way that I document our lives via scrapbook– why not create a yearly soundtrack for our lives as well?

Jake and I spent some time thinking about the songs that characterized our year. What songs did we have on repeat? What songs did we dance to the most in our living room after dinner? What songs describe an experience that we want to remember? Here’s what we came up with.

Our Family’s 2015 Soundtrack

  1. Broken Hallelujah by The Afters— Ada’s favorite song for 6 months or so.
  2. Harry’s Wondrous World from the Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone Soundtrack — Asante and I read the books this year, along with watching most of the movies. Aly was introduced to Harry in November via audio book and she loves it too.
  3. Best Day of My Life by American Authors — the kids sang this in their spring concert last year and we heard it all. the. time. beforehand.
  4. Summer from Phineas and Ferb— Our summer soundtrack! Little did we know that last summer was our last summer altogether for awhile!
  5. We are the Planets by Storybots— Aly introduced us to this lovely planet song and we watched it many times so we could learn all the lyrics.
  6. Burn Like a Star by Rend Collective — really, any song on this album would have been appropriate. Anaya is able to find this album on any device and turn it on. She calls it the “jumpy one” because of the album cover. It’s our absolute favorite family dance party album.
  7. My God is Powerful from the Sing & Play Base camp VBS soundtrack– The three biggest kids went to VBS together last summer and we like to get the CD so that we can listen to the music together. Not wanting to be left out, Anaya learned the words and the hand motions to this song, even though she was just beginning to talk “freestyle” at the time. Not gonna lie. I will be fine if I don’t hear any of these songs for a few years. #burnout
  8. The Ten Commandments by Randall Goodgame from his soon-to-be released Sing the Bible, Volume 2 – We might be the biggest Randall Goodgame fans ever. We got this album early since we helped fund his Kickstarter. The Ten Commandments song is FUNNY and it brings up fun questions like, “Mom, what’s adultery?” 🙂
  9. Be Okay by Ingrid Michaelson– I’m not sure how this one stuck, but it’s one we listened to a lot. Anaya also really likes it. She has kinda taken the role as Family DJ… she’ll spend much of her screen time listening to music on the iPad. And if she doesn’t like something, she will cover her ears and yell “ouch! me no like this music! it hurts my ears!” I’m glad Michaelson made the cut.
  10. Genesis from the What’s in the Bible? Soundtrack – we went through the whole curriculum last winter and it was fantastic. This soundtrack is a favorite of theirs to listen to while falling asleep.

To keep it organized, we’ll just make it into a compilation in iTunes for future listening. I considered burning it onto a CD and slipping it into a scrapbook page, but really, who is going to have a CD player in 10-20 years? I will include the names of the songs in our scrapbook, along with a sentence or two about why we included it.

I know our lists won’t always be so kid-centered, but for right now, our life is very integrated with our kids :).

What music would be on your 2015 playlist?


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