Review: Longing for Paris


Sarah Mae is a mom that many of us can relate to.

She loves her hubby and her kids like mad. But sometimes being around them all day, day in and day out, makes her feel like she’s GOING MAD! These are the times she dreams of heading to Paris and drink deep of all of the wonderful art, food, history and overall culture.

I think many of us have our “Paris” — a place or situation that has captured our curiosity, even maybe as early as our childhood– that we “go to” when life feels mundane. Australia. Disney World. The Mountains. The Beach. Some of us are super lucky that we get to GO to those places, but others of us are stuck only dreaming.

longing for paris

In  Longing for Paris, Sarah Mae writes a little bit about these dreams, and how she decided that instead of longing for a place that is not available to her right now, she would bring a bit of Paris to her. She and her kids go on a search for healthy fresh foods from nearby Amish farmers and hunt for the perfect croissant, while she and her husband add a bit of romance to their everyday routine (because, you know, French are way romantic ;)).

These little adventures are part of a much bigger point of the book– ultimately, Sarah is looking to God to fulfill those deepest desires– her need to feel beautiful, pursued, happy, and adventurous. 

While I didn’t particularly connect with this book, I could see how it would be helpful to moms who feel like they are having a hard time feeling joyful in their circumstances. Perhaps hearing from another mom’s struggles and what’s working for her would help spark an idea that would work for them.

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Thanks to Tyndale for a complimentary book in exchange for my honest thoughts! 

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