New Goals for the New Year: 2016

2016 is already bringing about big changes for our family. We’re facing an exciting semester– Jake is officially a dissertator– which means he no longer has classes, but now is working on his dissertation proposal, IRB stuff, and then lots of reading and research! What does this means for our family this year?

We have way more flexibility in our daily schedule! And guess how we decided to make use of this flexibility?

Welp, I got a full-time job! It was a pretty great surprise. It was one of those situations where we thought maybe I’d start looking for a job over the next 6 months or so, and then a super great opportunity presented itself!

All this to say, my 2016 goals shifted a bit once I found out I got the job. I cut out a bunch of my writing and blogging goals, and while they will still be on the back burner, simmering on low, I’m not sure how reasonable any of that will be with going back to work. I imagine most of my energy going to doing my job well and spending quality time with Jake and the kids. Anything apart from that is bonus stars!

New Goals for the New Year

But, of course, you know how much I love bonus stars, so in that vein, here are my (fun) goals for 2016.

  1. Read the Bible through again (or at least most of it). This time I’m following along with the Bible Project.
  2. Keep up weekly date nights with Jake. We got some stuff to work on in 2016 (don’t we all??), and weekly dates are essential to our connection, especially since we’ll both be working full-time this semester!
  3. Speaking of connection, Jake and I are also working on and encouraging each other towards being more positive parents. We are working on one small thing a month. This month it’s simply re-establishing some lost connection with the kids.
  4. Continue to post twice a week here on Learning to Love.
  5. Catch up on scrapbooking (I still have Ada’s first year to do, as well as our family book from the past few years). We LOVE to look through scrapbooks together on a regular basis, and I’d love to have these holes filled in!
  6. Organize our home videos so that they are easily accessible and searchable.
  7. Organize our photos so that they are easily accessible and searchable.
  8. Document my 2016 reading on an excel spreadsheet or on Goodreads or something. I forget about the great stuff I’ve read and all the good quotes. I’d like to figure out a way to document all of that efficiently so that I can use it in a meaningful way.
  9. I’d like to read at least 26 books this year (~1 book every 2 weeks).
  10. I’m helping to lead some playground renovations at the kids’ school, and I’d love to have a good chunk of that finished and installed by December 2016.

What fun goals are you reaching for in 2016??

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