What We’re Reading (January 2016)

December flew by and I had no time to share our favorite fascinating books! Here it is, nearing the middle of January, and I’m FINALLY sitting down to finish this post.

The kids took a 2 week reading hiatus last month– Christmas was filled with a lot of non-reading fun like playing with cousins and overdosing themselves on screen time. Now that we’re back from all of the holiday festivities and¬†almost into the full-swing of school, their reading appetite has increased!

Sometimes even the most avid readers need some time to miss reading. ūüėČ

What We're Reading-2


Anaya’s Reading List (2.5 years old)

toad weatherToad Weather

Sandra Markle

Written about an experience not too far from where we used to live in Philadelphia, this book is a surprising and delightful book about an unusual adventure that interrupts an otherwise normal, soggy, ordinary day. The picture on the front cover is what originally captured our attention– Aly has these exact rainboots and the girl in the story is named Ally as well!


ladybug girlLadybug Girl and the Best Playdate Ever

Jackie Davis

Ladybug¬†Girl’s friend has a REALLY cool new toy and she can’t wait for her to come over so she can play with it. But what happens with the toy breaks? This is an important story about friendship and about what really matters in a playdate.



llamaLlama Llama Time to Share

Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama has a new friend over and he finds it’s not always easy to share the toy¬†he¬†loves. Another story about playing well with friends. Apparently Anaya is working through some of these issues! ūüôā





Ada’s Reading List (5 years old)

cookieHappy Birthday, Cookie Monster!

Ada’s reading has really started to pick up. She’s been less resistant to “read in the wild” as we like to call it :). This Sesame Street Level 1 book is one that I first read as a 6 year old. When Ada found that out, she was highly motivated to read it too.





so sickSo Sick!

Harriet Ziefert

Another Level 1 book that has a simple plot, simple words, and is very appropriate for a beginning reader.






georgeCurious George Discovers Space

H.A. Rey

We have read¬†most of the Curious George books ever written (oh how they have changed in content over the years!), and this series of George books are a bit different. While it includes the much adored,¬†typical “Curious George gets in some sort of sticky situation”, ¬†it also includes some facts about space, astronauts, life in a space station, and the Mars Rover in the books side bar.


Aly’s Reading List (6¬†years old)

droonSecrets of Droon

Tony Abbott

This fantasy series is a lot like Magic Tree House in the way that kid heroes are zipped off into a fantastical world on adventures. This series is also similar in reading level, but the content is a bit more advanced. Especially if you listen to the books, the bad guys can be a bit scary (I was startled quite a few times while listening in the car! :)).




americangirlmagAmerican Girl Magazines

Aly has been getting these magazines from the library and has been devouring them! She particularly enjoys the craft ideas and the recipe sections :).







Asante’s Reading List (8 years old)

calvinhobbesAttack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons (Calvin and Hobbes)

Bill Watterson

Asante and Aly have been introduced to Calvin and Hobbes this month and I think they love this great, classic comic strip!





bignateBig Nate: Say Good-bye to Dork City

Lincoln Pierce

Big Nate is a comic strip in the form of a book. To be honest, Big Nate isn’t my favorite character in the world, and he can sometimes be rude in his name-calling. These books crack Asante up, and he¬†can read 3-4 of these a day. ūüôā While he reads plenty of material that’s good and interesting, I’m okay with letting him have his candy books too, as long as Big Nate doesn’t rub off on him too much :).



39 clues39 Clues: The Viper’s Nest

Peter Lerangis

Asante is still working through the¬†39 Clues series. He’s been slowing down a bit, so I’m not sure if it’s because Big Nate has eclipsed his love for 39 Clues or if the series is just losing its thrill. We’ll see if he’s still working through it next month.





Family Read Aloud

green emberThe Green Ember

S.D. Smith

Jake and the big kids read this one aloud while I occupied Anaya, so I’m not very familiar with the story. All I know is that it’s about a brother and sister finding their place in a fallen kingdom. And I also know that Jake would read ahead every night because it was that good :). The kids were always eager to listen and begged for “one more chapter, Daddy!”



We are always looking for recommendations!! What books are you reading as a family?


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