The-Not-So-Perfect Life: Advent Edition

Not So Perfect Life Advent

For Advent this year we’re keeping it simple.

After dinner, we read a chapter of the Jesus Storybook Bible and take a link off of a paper Advent chain given to us by our church. Each link has a discussion question or a small game/activity to do. Easy, right?

We missed December 1st altogether. Nothing says intentionality and awesomeness like missing the very first day.

On December 2nd, we played a hot potato game and tears were involved for one kid. And when we talked about what they were excited about for Christmas, several said presents, which is ironic, because I just posted about how we DON’T EVEN DO PRESENTS ON CHRISTMAS CHILDREN!!

And yesterday I stopped reading mid-sentence to say (loudly), “Can’t you guys just sit and listen to a short story for 5 seconds???!!”

Advent memories, baby.

I began the season thinking that this would be the year I would do something and not be a “lame-o mom” who is so wrapped up in the daily survival of mothering 4 kids and carrying out my many “did i really just say yes to that” commitments that I can actually plan something meaningful and spiritually forming for the small humans in my home.

And God has reminded me through the writing of others that the daily survival is where He works best. Jesus didn’t come for the perfect, but for the broken. 

If that’s the kind of reminding you need today too, I’m sharing a few of the pieces that have encouraged me so far this season!

How the Hurting Can Celebrate Christmas// Heirs with Christ

Advent Matters/ /Sarah Bessey

Intentional Christmas- Baby Chicken Edition// Sharon Hodde Miller

A Prayer for the Waiting Time// Emily Freeman


Feel free to add more in the comments below!



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