October 2015 Loves

Okay, so perhaps this isn’t doesn’t exactly fit into my #write31days Soul Shaping writing challenge, but what we love shapes our souls, yes??

October Loves

This month I’ve spent nearly every evening writing. I thought taking the #write31days challenge would invigorate me and blossom me into a better writer. I was wrong :). I feel in need of a writing break and I have found that the increase in writing has meant less time for reading and other things that give me inspiration. Plus, who has time to edit and craft sentences when you’re just trying to crank them out?

So, whatever, it is what it is.

Onto my favorite things this month. 

Product Loves



This Chobani pumpkin yogurt is Ah-mazing. Not only is it pumpkin yogurt, but there’s also a mix-in of seeds and pie crust. If you see me stock-piling them in my cart a couple weeks from now when their season is nearly over, just look away. 🙂


This month I also received my very first ever Erin Condren planner. Last year I wanted one oh-so-badly, but $50 was just not in our planner budget. I shared my extensive planner research last year over at Play Eat Grow, and through my affiliate link earned enough to buy myself one for this year (as well as a portion of one for my sweet sister-in-law who adores planners as much as I do!). Talk about delayed gratification!  Anyway, it’s as awesome as I had hoped and dreamed it would be.


Blogging Loves

Michael Hyatt has offered a free 3-part video series on building a platform and it’s been both encouraging and insightful to watch. I have very little hope for ever getting this little piece of the inter webs off the ground, but have bigger, more realistic dreams for Play Eat Grow :). Hopefully I’ll get some time before the new year to implement a few ideas.

Write31Days has introduced me to some really great blogs that weren’t on my radar before, one of them being A Problem Like Maria. She has a super helpful Social Media series happening this month, and every day I’m walking away learning something new.


Book Loves

I’ve managed to carve out barely 30 minutes a day of reading, so this list is sparse this month.


First, Out of Sorts. You all– so good. I mean, of course I was expecting nothing less than stellar for Sarah. You can see my raving reviews here.


I’ve also just finished up Crystal Paine’s upcoming book, Money Making Mom. It’s all about encouraging, empowering, and resourcing women who want to make money but don’t really know where to start. While who needs another money-making book or blog, I think what makes this one really special is that Crystal’s heart leans towards generosity, and encourages her readers to lean towards that direction too. For her money is not something to make her happy or security, but something to use to change the world and make others’ lives better. She has some serious street cred when it comes to this subject, so I was sure to take good notes!


The kids and I have started a little Bedtime Math (not the app, but the book), and it’s so fun! While I may have a little math-nerd blood running through my veins, one of my daughters definitely DOES NOT, but has still liked the book. I highly recommend implementing it into a nighttime routine if your family wants (or needs) a little more daily math (because who doesn’t need or want more math fun??!!).

Article Loves

R.E.I. will close on Black Friday and urges Black Friday customers to go outside instead.// Because aren’t we tired of this shopping holiday already??

Gilmore Girls Finale Coming to Netflix// Old news, but still incredibly noteworthy.

3 Prayers We Need to Stop Praying// A good reminder to think about the words we’re praying.

The Best Parenting Advice// While WeAreThatFamily and I don’t typically see eye-to-eye on things, this is one post I can share and love.

8 Paradoxes of Creative People// I live with a couple creative types and this post reminds me of how totally amazing and wonderful they are.



Finally, since I’ve written a billion posts this month, I’ll do you a favor and just share a couple of my favorites :).

The Beginning of My Doubt

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4 thoughts on “October 2015 Loves

  1. I’m sitting here with color on my hair at the salon, reading through the What Im Into posts, and you have so many great recommendations! I’m loving A Problem Like Maria!!

  2. I love that you got an extensive planner. I NEED to try the pumpkin yogurt. After all tis the season for pumpkin everything right? I read Out of Sorts too. I LOVED it. I like the idea of going outside on black friday instead.

  3. I hear you on the 31 Day Writing Challenge. I did it last year and burned out. I’m a once-a-week blogger, which probably isn’t enough, but it works for me. Glad to know we can all be different, but we all have something of value to offer!

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