Sacred Spaces

17 sacred spaces


The place you work matters.

Whenever we travel, I’m reminded of this. Typically I work at a desktop that I absolutely love. It’s tucked into a corner of our main living area. I have a little light. My papers are scattered all over the desk. My desktop is overcrowded with icons. It’s perfect.

When we travel, I work on Jake’s laptop. His laptop used to be my laptop, so you would think working on it would be like riding a bike, right?

Wrong. I feel slow and inefficient. It takes me nearly twice as long to get anything done.

There’s something significant about the place I work that allows me to dig in and get into my zone quickly.

While new experiences and beautiful places can give us a burst of creativity and openness, the long, hard work of everyday sustainability works best in familiar places. 

For me, my intentional practices of spiritual formation work similarly. While I definitely enjoy the 2 day conference that takes me outside my comfort zone, or the retreat that gives me space to breathe and listen– I’m always ready to come home to my sacred space.

Sacred spaces can be actual places. In college, my sacred space was the Panera on Providence, in the right corner table in the back room. It’s the space I would go to get “alone” without interruptions.

Sacred spaces can also be a space’s ambiance. One of my friends lights a candle when she’s ready to settle in to a time of reading and prayer. It reminds her of God’s presence with her.

Sometimes a sacred space has to do with a set of songs, a particular Bible, or a season of the year. Fall is my favorite season of the year, and it’s always the season I feel most connected with God. It holds memories of life-changing retreats and a rhythm of fresh renewal of spiritual practices.


What are the sacred spaces in your life?


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