What would it look like to live a life with margin?


I’ve recently joined a Facebook group called Journaling Bible Community, which is a community of people who create art in the margins of their Bibles. Their artwork frequently shows up in my Facebook feed, and I’m in constant awe of the way their artwork reflects the stories and messages of Scripture. Look at some of this stuff:








The Bible I use doesn’t have margins. It’s filled to the edges with tiny print and even has some extra commentary packed in there.

I struggle with creating margin in my life, but I do really WANT margin in my life.

A life with margin would mean I could quickly say yes to the friend who needs a hand at the last minute.

A life with margin would mean I could take the time to drop everything and cuddle the hubs on the couch.

A life with margin would mean I could hear the whisper of God telling me about a new thing He is preparing to do in our family’s life.

A life with margin would mean I could say yes to an extra bedtime story without feeling frustrated; I could wait patiently behind a driver instead of honking my horn to hurry up already (conviction); I could feel the freedom to linger at the playground instead of rushing home.

I would have more space to say yes to the small things. I would have more space to listen. I would have more space to understand what’s going on inside of me. I would have more space to just be and wait and maybe be inspired by something that is ready to colorfully burst forth.

While I don’t plan on changing Bibles anytime soon, I do hope to change my planner… and as I scroll past one of these gorgeous pictures of margin art, I’ll be reminded of the beauty of a life with margins.





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