A Day in the Life (September 2015)

Welcome to a day in my life, school day edition :).


6:30am    Today started out like any other ordinary day… kids came piling onto our bed as Jake and I slowly woke up, saying “the green light is on!!!” which means their clock had turned to 6:30a and turned green– the signal of freedom (sidenote: This clock is worth every single last penny we paid for it.). Most likely they’ve all been awake for at least 10 minutes, carefully watching so they could bound out of bed at the slightest hint of a color change. They were excited for the day, asking to eat. Asante and Ada raced downstairs before Jake and I’s feet hit the ground; they are always the hungriest.

By the time the rest of us made it downstairs, Ada and Asante were halfway finished eating their breakfast. I’m okay with that :).

7:00a   Jake’s headed out the door for a short run. I start making breakfast for Aly and Anaya, and then on to packing lunches for everyone. Even though Ada and Anaya are home with me, we still pack a lunch because it makes the day a bit easier that way.

7:30a   By now Jake is back and showered, I’m finishing up doing Aly’s hair and Jake takes over the morning routine. He will finish getting everyone ready and take them to school. I start working at the computer- checking email and scheduling FB posts for R&H (the blog I’m a virtual assistant for).

8:30a Jake and the littler girls get back. He grabs his lunch and backpack and heads out the door to the bus. He’ll spend the day on campus. The girls start piling the couch cushions in a heap in the middle of the living room, which means they’ll be happy doing a little “jumpy time”. They find a cooler a friend of ours returned to us last night (but haven’t yet put away), and make it into a bed. It’s the simple things. While they’re playing, I work on finishing up placing pictures in Ada’s first year scrapbook at the kitchen table. I finished just as the girls get tired of playing.

9:15a The girls and I get ready to do some errands. We go to Walgreens and the local grocery store to pick up some milk, fruit, bread, etc.

10:15a We drop off the cold groceries at the apartment, and then drive across town to Walmart. I’m in search of bubbles for Aly’s class’ upcoming science unit on bubbles, and Walmart is my last resort. No dice. Apparently bubbles are out-of-season.


11:00a The girls and I make a fun pitstop on the way home- Culvers! Ada received a free sundae coupon from the library for her summer reading prize so we decided today was the day to redeem it. Ada doesnt actually like ice cream, but loves to think she does. She ended up only eating the strawberry topping and waffle cone pieces.

12:30 We got home in time to clean up a bit and get the girls ready for quiet time/naptime. I turned on an A to Z story for Ada in the big kids’ bedroom (The Haunted Hotel), and I laid next to Anaya in the little girls’ room until she fell asleep. It’s not so bad, really. I typically bring my iPad or a book to read or check the day’s headlines. After Anaya fell asleep, I slipped out and did a few more emails and helped Ada with some projects (she snuck out of listening to the story at about the same time I did).

2:00 Asante and Aly came home from school (our neighbors take them home on Mondays. It’s awesome– I don’t have to wake Anaya up early from her nap this year!), and I found some worksheets for them to practice their math facts with. We found these cool ones and I printed off a packet for each of them for the week.


{Insert a lot of bickering amongst children and me saying that if they continue to bicker and be rude, that I might cry, just as a warning. I’ve been learning lately that I just might be a highly sensitive person, because crying and whining and whatever that stuff is called grates on my nerves and I feel this overwhelming desire to do whatever I can to make it stop. It’s been like that from the very beginning…. a baby crying has always been a struggle for me. Maybe every parent is like this?}

2:55 I decided to change out of my jeans and into yoga pants, suspecting that the jeans were making me cranky. I was totally right. My mood changed immediately. Some of you TOTALLY GET what I’m saying. If in doubt on your current outlook on life, change your pants!

3:00 We gather some snacks of grapes and raisins, wake up Anaya from her nap, and head out to drop some stuff off at Goodwill and go to Sonic to get a Coke Zero with cherry and vanilla (always, every time, I do not deviate). Mondays are Sonic Day for me. I sometimes get the kids a slush to share, but not every time. They’re fine with the set-up, and easily accepted that it wasn’t their day. Today I’m thankful for this.

4:00 We get back home and settle in. The kids start some screen time (Curious George for Anaya, Minecraft for Asante, and an app called WonderBox for Aly). Ada loves the number puzzles from earlier so does that instead. She’s super proud of them.


5:00 Screens turn off and we start dinner. Spaghetti tonight. I try to schedule simple dinners on evenings that Jake is on campus. No need to add on more stress than necessary. The girls help me a bit, but mostly just hang around me. I convince Anaya that a noble job is to go to the window to watch for Dad. Ada butters the bread, and little did I know that she used the butter to make certain pictures on everyone’s bread slice. I see the bread after she is finished and decide to “touch it up” a bit. Wrong move. Lots of crying ensued. Lesson learned: leave buttered bread alone.


5:30 Jake gets home and we eat almost immediately. I’m thankful we get to eat dinner as an entire family nearly every night. Jake prays a longer prayer, Ada prays her routine prayer, and Anaya prays Holy Ghost style during the whole thing, with a big AMEN! at the end. Love that two-year-old zeal!

BitsBox pretty much rocks.


6:00 We’re reviewing a coding subscription box called bitsbox and so I spend a little one-on-one time with Asante doing a coding activity while Jake read to the girls (in the above picture, notice that Ada is still ticked about the butter bread). Then Jake takes everyone but Aly upstairs for baths, and I do a different coding activity with Aly. A big review to come early next week on Play Eat Grow, but quick preview: if there were ever a box that we were going to subscribe to, this would be it. The kids love it and we’re learning a lot together!

7:00 America Ninja Warrior begins. You can check out their twitter feed for the highlights. It was legendary, literally.

8:00 As I’m watching Ninja Warrior, I’m also participating in my first Usborne online book sale. If I had more time, I’d want to sell those books, even if just for the discount :).

10:00 Ninja warrior ends and I spend another 30 minutes looking at Usborne titles that I may want in the future (and requested some from the local library).

10:40 I take a survey for a research project Jake and I are participating in. We fill out a daily online questionnaire everyday for 14 days through a UW lab. I think we’re just completing the first week!

11:00 Finishing up this post and going to get to bed, but not without reading a couple chapters of Dear Mr. Knightley!


Sidenote: You all, look how many outfits Ada is wearing in these pictures. No wonder I’ve felt like I’ve been doing a lot more laundry in a day. Apparently I have no ability to recognize these small details in my life without looking at pictures :).




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