September 2015 Goals

September is my happy place. The hot weather is coming to an end. I can go outside without melting. I will soon make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins with a clear conscious, and it won’t be long until I will be able to comfortably wear a hoodie outside. And don’t even get me started about the bug population decreasing.

It’s time to share my goals for the month! Truth be told, I made these in late August because I splurged and bought myself a notebook I totally didn’t need. Because look at it! A blank sheet of graph paper is just ASKING to be written on.




Some of my highlights from last month’s goals:

  • We cleaned the windows. They were disgusting. Achieving this simple goal wins the gold in my book.
  • I’m finally caught up on my Scripture Reading plan. Looks like I only read 2 chapters a day from here on out, so I don’t foresee any trouble keeping up. Did I mention I really love the New Testament?
  • Our new PEG logo is completely finished (thanks to the AMAZING Amanda Iman who also designed the logo here on Learning to Love). Now comes the confusing  part of transferring everything from one blog to the other. Pray for us.
  • Oh! And I finally decided to sign up for my church’s weekly morning women’s Bible study (trying it out for the first time, not sure if I’ll like it, but I’ll give it a chance) AND, I signed up to do a 4-week book study downtown at this really cool placed called The Upper House.





  1. Move Play Eat Grow from Blogger to WordPress. This is either going to be the best decision or the worst decision. I’m kinda getting nervous!
  2. Finish categorizing all of my posts on here (I’ve finished a little over half of them).
  3. Learn a little more about SEO optimization.
  4. Finish up a review for Englewood Review of Books (if you love books, you should subscribe not only to their web reviews, but also their print edition!).



  1. Finish Ada’s scrapbook. How embarrassing it is to have to write this again. 🙂 I did the hard part of finding the pics and printing them off. Just got my orange package in the mail on Saturday!
  2. Add a few more breakfast options to our morning line-up. This is our least whole foods-ish meal of the day, mostly because I’ve turned into not-a-morning-person and oatmeal and cereal are nearly all I can manage to make while I’m sleeping standing up :).



  1. Clean vent covers and ceiling fans, whose dirtiness was so kindly pointed out to me by one of my children.
  2. Finish pricing items for the big, upcoming consignment sale (I’m over halfway done). The sale is in a couple weeks, so by this time next month, our 3rd bathroom will again be made useable (I’m currently storing all of the stuff in the shower, because this is the kind of creativity you need when living in an apartment with minimal storage space). As a sidenote: WHO NEEDS THREE BATHROOMS in an apartment?



  1. Invite more people over for a meal. Jake and I used to have people over a TON (as many of you know and have experienced). It seems that with the increase of every kid and every move, the frequency of our dinner guests has decreased. We’re gonna fight inertia on this one and just invite people over into our crazy (and loud) life.
  2. Life Group starts next week and Jake and I are looking forward to it. We haven’t seen many of our friends over the summer due to crazy kid schedules, massive amounts of summer reading, and traveling. We’re glad to settle back into the weekly rhythm.

What are you dreaming and scheming to do this month? 

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