Review: Paper Good Projects- a super make-it book

Repurposing stuff is kind of our thing around here.

I’m not talking about sanding and repainting an old dresser and making it into a brightly covered kitchen china cabinet. That’d be awesome, but it’s not really in our skill set.

I’m talking about turning cardboard into an awesome set of shelves, a chair, and a house for grasshoppers. We use old rootbeer bottles for our airtank on the back of astronaut suits. We make monsters out of paper bags. Our fun crafts aren’t really made to pass the test of time, but we do it because it’s fun and creative.


Paper Good Projects is a craft book with the ordinary materials in mind. Jodi Levine (on staff at Martha Stewart) uses a few ordinary supplies to make a wide array of crafts. Paper towel tubes, coffee filters, balloons and paper bags turn into cake toppers, masks, villages, dollhouse decorations and centerpieces.


Most of the activities in this book equate to kid + parent bonding time. There are some that elementary school kids would be able to do on their own, but for the most part, a parent will probably want to stick around to help with the finer skills that are needed. 🙂

All of the supplies needed are indeed simple. Easy to find, cheap to buy. That’s good news, friends.



I love the paper bag animal favor bags and wish I knew about these last year when Aly and I planned her woodland creatures friends birthday party. Ada loved the party and had wanted to do the same one for this upcoming birthday, so maybe I’ll have a chance to try them out!


Thanks to Blogging for Books for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!


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