Book Review: Thankful

Fall is coming and I am READY. I love wearing hoodies, watching football, and walking through crunchy red and orange leaves. There’s something about fall that brings back all the memories of fresh starts, new school years, great friends, and enjoying the outdoors. It’s my happy place.


They say not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to children’s books, I often do :). The book cover of Eileen Spinelli’s new book, Thankful, encapsulates most of what I love about autumn, so I decided to give it a review!

The cover, indeed, is a bit deceiving. It has nothing at all to do with fall (sad face), but I liked it anyway. It’s a whimsical book about being thankful for the everyday activities- green sprouts, water play, fun words, good appetites, and afternoon tea. Each everyday blessing is pictured as a brother and sister playing with one another- playing doctor, digging in the garden, eating dinner, etc. I love that each of the featured enjoyments can be shared by most kids, regardless of their location or income level or anything else that often creates differences in kids’ daily experiences.

Watch this video to get a little peak inside!

Eileen Spinelli has written over 40 children’s books, one of which I’ve reviewed in the past. This is the illustrator’s (Archie Preston) first book!


Thanks to Booklook Bloggers for the opportunity to review this book! 

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