August Loves

august loves

August began with us smack dab in the middle of our vacation to see the grandparents. We visited my mom and pops, as well as Jakey’s parentals. It was SO MUCH FUN.

2015-07-25 16.12.40


I didn’t even wanna leave. The kids didn’t either. These kids pretty much were glued together for 7 days straight. Cousin love is in full force.




My BIL and SIL are expecting their first little one in November, so we got to celebrate with them at the cutest shower that you probably have ever seen.




The kiddos had a week of VBS right when we got back to Wisconsin. They loved it and Anaya was super sad that she didn’t get to go. Maybe next year, young one. From this video you can tell she is READY.



The girls are starting soccer soon, so this happened one morning. They look so adorbs in their shinguards! We’re going to have 3 soccer games every weekend this fall. For the love.


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…..aaaand Ada learned to ride a bike this month. She went from “I CAN’T DO IT!! I WON’T TRY!!!” to “This is awesome! I love biking! I want to do this all day!” in 15 minutes. I’m not even exaggerating. She zooms everywhere and has been making the curves like a pro. Proud momma.




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What I’m Reading


Rare Bird: I read this in two or three days while on vacation and it was just so good. I remember first hearing about this book and wondered WHY IN THE WORLD would someone want to read about a child dying. Just no. But then I kept on hearing how good it was so I gave in. I’m glad I did. It’s super sad, but also surprisingly encouraging. Her story is beautiful.

simply tuesday

Simply Tuesday: I love Emily Freeman. I loved this book (see below for a link to the review).


In My Ears

This month was podcast catch-up month. I loved all the episodes in Tsh’s new podcast, The Simple Show (especially loved listening to Meghan and Tsh talk about Harry Potter) :). I listened to the Liturgist’s marriage podcast they did with Rob and Kristen Bell about the book The ZimZum of Love. Afterwards I requested the book :). I discovered Seminary Dropout and listened to 2 episodes in a row (Carolyn Custis James and Michelle Cushatt) . I need more excuses to make long car trips by myself.



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2 thoughts on “August Loves

  1. Rare Bird seems so sad. But it definitely looks like a good read. However, I think I will save it for when I can handle it. So much grief this year. It has been challenging.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I appreciate the comment!

    I’m so sorry that this year has been marked by a lot of grief. I could imagine not wanting to read Rare Bird right now. Hugs to you!!

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