What We’re Reading {August 2015}

Because we love to read around here and I really enjoy finding interesting books for the kids, I thought that I’d share a few of the books that each of them are reading (and liking) each month. Currently we’re not in the middle of any read alouds, but once the school year starts, we’ll be back into the swing of things and I’ll start including family books on the list too.



Anaya’s Reading List (2 years old)


monkeyThe Monkey Goes Bananas

Author: C. P. Bloom

A funny (image-driven) story of a monkey who just wants to eat a banana. Trouble is, the banana is on an island in the middle of a lake. Will monkey be able to reach the banana without getting eaten himself? Anaya loves this book,  mostly because it has to do with monkeys, which she loves because she adores Curious George.





Author: Salina Yoon

Bear finds someone’s toy bunny outside one day, and searches high and low for its owner. Just when it seems like the owner is no where to be found, the owner shows up and Bear realizes how much he has grown to love Bunny. Thankfully, the owner of bunny is very generous…. 🙂





Author: Antoinette Portis

Moms want to hurry. Kids want to wait. An image-driven story for kids and moms alike, with a lesson of how important it is to slow down and enjoy the world around us.




Ada’s Reading List (4 years old)


dadsfirstdayDad’s First Day

Author: Mike Wohnoutka

Oliver is starting school this year and is super excited. Dad, on the other hand, is not. It takes  awhile, but Dad finally realizes that it’s all going to be okay. This book is sweet and funny and gets some giggles from our littlest crew members.





newsmallpersonThe New Small Person

Author: Lauren Child

We love Charlie and Lola around here (which is also written by Lauren Child), so this book has become a favorite too. It’s the story of how an only child adjusts to life with a little brother. Pretty sweet for older kids who struggle with the responsibilities of being an older sibling.





Aly’s Reading List (6 years old)


aliensSasquatch and Aliens: Alien Encounter

Author: Charise Mericle Harper

A funny story about the adventures of two unlikely friends- Morgan and Lewis. They both love mysterious creatures. When they see an alien in real life, but no one believes them. How will they convince others that they are telling the truth?






luluLulu: My Glamorous Life (Lotus Lane series)

Author: Kyla May

This series is all about friendship, which is of tip-top importance to Aly right now. Written in a diary type format, each book introduces one of the girls in the Lotus Lane Girl Club. This series is perfect for kids who are in-between picture books and full-fledged chapter books. Aly also likes this type of book because she can sit down and read it in one sitting.





yogaGood Night Yoga: a pose-by-pose bedtime story

Author: Mariam Gates

This book takes us through a series of yoga poses that start out standing up and finish with being cuddled up on the floor. Aly really enjoys learning about yoga and this one is great for helping kids wind down at night.





Asante (7 years old)



These graphic novels are a bit different in that they read back to front instead of front to back. He reads at least one a day. He would read more if I didn’t require a few chapters of “other” reading in between Pokemon books.






serpents shadowThe Serpent’s Shadow 

Author: Rick Riordan

This is the third book in the Kane Chronicles, written by the author of the Percy Jackson series (which Asante also read this summer and LOVED). I know next to nothing about this book, except that it has something to do with Egyptian gods and goddesses.






findpokemonLet’s Find Pokemon: Special Complete Edition

Aly and Asante have been enjoying this one together as of late. Basically its a Where’s Waldo, but for Pokemon.







What books are your kids loving these days? 

2 thoughts on “What We’re Reading {August 2015}

  1. Oh for the love of Pokemon…Grady loves it along with Bakugon. We’re also super into all the Judy Moody variations (Judy Moody series, Stink series, Judy & Stink series). They are laugh-out-loud, especially when listening to them on audio book. The reader is fabulous.

  2. Judy Moody! I’ll have to pick a couple up to try out.

    I haven’t heard of Bakugon; I’ll have to look it up! I’m sure Grady will fill Asante in on the coolness of it this year :).

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