Prayers for our Children

With the school year just around the corner, the Graham Blanchard Mom Mentors are sharing some of the things we’re praying for our kiddos as they embark on new adventures.

Here’s what I’ve been praying for….

As three of my four kids head off to elementary school this month, my prayer for them remains the same as it has been all summer, that they would know how high and deep and wide God’s love is for them.

We desperately desire for them to fully know that when God created them, He made no mistakes.  We pray that they would know, deep in their bones, they are deeply loved by the God of the universe. We pray every day that through our actions, words, and attitudes, the kids would see the love of God shine through. We pray that our sometimes too-impatient attitudes and unthoughtful words would pale in the light of their knowledge of God’s great love for them.

I pray that they would know their identity and their worth as they interact with their peers, both good influences and bad influences. I pray that as they interact with teachers, the kids would know their identity and worthiness is not wrapped up in their ability to perform in the classroom.  And finally, I pray this understanding of how much they are loved will overflow out of their lives into the lives of those around them.

Check out some of the other moms are praying and maybe take a minute to share what you’re praying for your littles!



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