Review: The Adventures of Rooney: Hannah, The Belle of Prayer

One afternoon a few weeks ago, I called Aly and Ada over to my desk because I wanted to read a book to them.

They were a bit confused because book and desktop computer don’t really make sense to them, but they came over anyway. They were curious. These ebooks are mysterious things! ūüôā

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I sat them down on my lap and read them a book coming out soon called The Adventures of Rooney Cruz:  Hannah- The Belle of Prayer by Erin Weidemann. We meet Rooney, a kind, spunky, modern day 9 year old girl.

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The story opens with her running into a bit of trouble with some girls on the playground. The girls compliment her sarcastically and even end up throwing a rock at her. Rooney runs to her favorite spot- underneath the wide stretching cover of a giant oak tree on the edge of the playground.

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It’s here that she meets a small angel who empathizes with her, and then takes her on a “magical” blast to the past in Scripture¬†to see what a girl named Hannah did in a similar situation when she was being bullied. We learn how Hannah felt¬†bullied by Peninnah, the “other wife” of her husband. She ends up crying out to God, and God heard her.

We’re¬†then taken back to Rooney’s real life. Reflecting on Hannah’s experience, Rooney leans into God through prayer- not in a cheesy,¬†surfacey way, but in a real, honest 9-year-old kind of way.

I must admit at this point I was a little nervous about the book. Please don’t tell me that Rooney is going to pray and then everything is just going to end up all happy clappy.

Never fear. The story ends with a cliffhanger of sorts. We don’t know how it all ends up, but we know that whatever happens, Rooney has learned that she can go to God and share all of her troubles. He will be there for her and support her the entire way.

Aly instantly said, “But I want to know what happens! Is there another book that comes after this?” ūüôā That’s one of the biggest compliments she could give the author, because this is probably exactly what the author was¬†hoping for- that the girls would read, think,¬†and apply the situation to their own life. It’s a conversation starter!¬†We talked about what the girls¬†thought would happen next, and wondered what would it mean about God if things weren’t suddenly all better after praying.

{Soapbox Rabbit Trail: Y’all, for better or worse, we’re working on building an enduring faith around here. I won’t teach my kids that by pouring their hearts out to God things are going to automatically have a happy ending. Because we know that’s not true. Sure, it might in some instances. But probably not right away (although, of course, I’m sure we could all give an example of how it did happen right away). And often times, it won’t happen at all. I’m guessing that all of us are waiting for a happy ending in some aspect of our lives, right? Or we’re grieving a happy ending that we thought would happen if we just prayed harder? Building hope and faith and trust while at the same time not making promises God doesn’t say He’ll keep is tough, amen??}.

Back to this review.


The illustrations are gorgeous (so well-done), the writing is perfect for an elementary school girl, and it’s a good length (30 pages). I love how big the book is– perfect for sitting on the couch and reading comfortably together.

We’re already looking forward to the other books in this series! Aly made me visit their website just in case there was any information about the next one :). While there wasn’t, I did end up following Bible Belles¬†on Pinterest and found that there are some boards on Esther (the Belle of Patience), Abigail (the Belle of Bravery), Ruth (the Belle of Loyalty), and Deborah (the Belle of Leadership). ūüėČ Esther will be the next one up, set to release in 2016.


If you want to get a copy for your belles, you can  order here or visit their FB page or Instagram to keep up with news and announcements!

Check out their video for a bit more on the story behind the books!

The Story of Bible Belles from Bible Belles on Vimeo.

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About the author:

Erin is an enthusiastic and goofy mom to two children, one of them with paws. She is a wife, teacher, former college athlete, and a five time cancer survivor. Her heart is in Seville, Spain, though she calls Encinitas, CA home. In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach with her husband and daughter, coaching sports, and pretending she can bake. She loves eating, laughing, and volunteering at Sunday school. Alongside her husband, she is the co-founder of Bible Belles.

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  1. Nice seeing you today! I ended up just going to the site and buying the hardcover version for Esther (and I see Esther is an upcoming title????). Hopefully, that means some affiliate money for you ;-).

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