August 2015 Goals

Last month I started making monthly goals. I thought if I shared them on here I’d have a little more accountability to follow through. I think it worked!

A few of my highlights…

  • Since I fell embarrassingly behind on my Bible reading plan, I made a plan to get back on a plan and I had to do some SERIOUS reading (one day I read the whole book of Jeremiah- talk about depressing), but I’m alllllmost caught up!
  • Jake and I worked on cleaning the couch cushions. They aren’t perfect, far from it, but they do look better. I tried a couple things, but what finally worked well was good ‘ol fashioned carpet/upholstery cleaner. I was really looking forward to finding a more natural, non-chemical laden way, but it just didn’t happen.
  • We found a theme for Play Eat Grow– yaaay! I can’t reveal it yet, but SOON.
  • I finished our 10 Year anniversary of being a family scrapbook and it turned out great! It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I did definitely have to scan in some pictures because apparently we didn’t do digital cameras the first couple years of our marriage (how old am I?!). I also got an AMAZING deal on it (through Shutterfly) when I paired a deal of 50% off photobooks with some promo codes I had accumulated over the past 6 months.

On to my August goals!


Spiritual Formation

1. Finish getting caught up with my Journey through Scripture plan.

If all goes well, I should be caught up in a week or so. Vacation has set me back a little (at one point I had to make a catch up plan to catch up with my catch up plan), but we’ll get there!

2. Decide what to do this upcoming year as it relates to a community Bible study. 

I have a few options, so I’m trying to figure out which one would be best. What I’d really love is an intensive study, but everything I’ve found so far is more community and less Bible study. Some days I really miss seminary.


1. Install the new logo for Play Eat Grow and get the redesigned site ready to launch!

We’re (understandably) so excited about this. We’ve been at blogger since our beginnings, and it’s time to take it to the next level. We’re looking for clean and photo-happy.

2. Recategorize all of my posts from the past with my new category labels.

Whoops! Didn’t get to it last month.


1. Finish Ada’s first year scrapbook.

(Moved over from last month) She asks me about it on a very regular basis and I know it would bring her oh-so-much joy to have me say, “Yes, I’m glad you asked! it’s all finished!”

2. Get the kids ready for school.

Enroll the kids. Buy the supplies. Get some new shoes. Rethink our lunch plan (I’m thinking of going more of the bento route this year, focusing more on real food instead of prepackaged food that I often find myself falling back on when things get busy).

3. Make a homeschool preschool plan.

Ada will be in 4K this year, which is half day school, but I’d still like to work with her and Anaya a few mornings a week. It’s already apparent that Anaya is math-brained (she counts everything, can recognize many shapes, and really seems to love numbers and puzzles), but I don’t think she knows a single letter. All of our kids could recognize most, if not all, of their letters by now. So… that’s what I think we’ll work on together this year :). For Ada, we’ll work on reading on a regular basis. She can read, but doesn’t really like to do it because it’s not easy. I totally get that, so I think if I can get her to read easy books, that will boost her confidence.


1. Price a gazillion items that I have stored in our extra bathroom for an upcoming consignment sale.

The sale is near the beginning of September, and I have a HUGE PILE of stuff to sell. It’s amazing to me how much I find to sell each time the sale rolls around. How does this stuff get into my house? I think we’re also beginning to move out of the toy-playing stage, so a lot of this stuff is outgrown toys and books.

2. Clean the windows.

We’ve lived in our apt for 2 years and haven’t cleaned the windows. I know, totally gross. But this month it’s gonna get clean and awesome!

What are you dreaming and scheming to do this month? 


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