A Day in the Life {July 14th}


Today started WAY too early. For some unknown reason, Anaya was up and down all night, wanting to play and being totally wide awake. I ended up just laying on the floor next to her  so I didn’t have to rouse myself from my warm snuggly bed each time to comfort her. At 6:30 the kids came into Anaya’s room, so happy and READY FOR THE DAY. I went downstairs to help them get started on their breakfast.

We woke Anaya up at 8:15. Must be a rough life to be up all night and then sleep in. 🙂

Ada and I began the day walking to the the nearby hospital for a much-awaited doctors appointment. Her growth has slowed down to a snail’s crawl, so we went to see a specialist. Turns out we think everything is going to work itself out in the end– she’ll just be tiny until puberty and then have a later growth spurt than normal. So far the only thing that bugs her about being short is that she can’t go on big waterslides. Other than that she loves being “mini” (in her own words).


After we got home from the hospital, I cleaned out the hallway closet with some help from small people- yay! Then it was time to pick Aly up from summer school.


Next we headed to the library to pick up some books we had on hold and the kids played in the “ice cream shop” set up in the children’s section. It consists of a really cool set of hand-sewn ice cream cones, ice cream scoops, bananas, and popsicles that the kids think are SO MUCH FUN. We found some great books for the kids– Curious George for Anaya, Pokemon for Asante, Boxcar Children (audiobook) for Ada, and a couple of book in the Lotus Lane series for Aly.


We then came home, ate some lunch together, and read a gazillion books. Anaya went down for her nap around 1:00 and the kids listened to an audiobook or read, and played Pixelmon (a cross between Minecraft and Pokemon) while I put Anaya to sleep and cleaned up the kitchen. Around 2:00, I had a phone call meeting about a fun new project that is still in the planning stages (more information as it becomes more concrete!); the kids were supposed to be playing quietly upstairs in their room during this time, but, well, you can imagine how that went ;).

Anaya woke up at 3:00, which means Jake comes down from working upstairs and takes the kids over while I work on doing a few emails and some virtual assistant stuff. Then Jake and I made dinner (tacos! i love tacos!) and cleaned couch cushions (we found a sort-of-solution: carpet cleaner!) while the kids were upstairs watching a Pokemon episode.

Before and After- not too bad! This one turned out really well, but the last one we did still looks a little rough. Not sure if we’ll try the cleaner again or a different method.


After dinner and cleaning up, we headed upstairs and Jake and I worked on cleaning out the playroom closet. It looks SO MUCH BETTER than it did before.  I’m not 100% satisfied with how we’re storing all of the kids’ baby/doll stuff- just in a huge tupperware in the closet), so if you have any suggestions, let me know! 🙂

Finally, I headed downstairs to have a google hangout with my co-bloggers at Play Eat Grow to plan the next 6 weeks while Jake read to Anaya and put her to sleep.

Now that all of that is finished, I’m writing this and then heading up to relax in bed for the rest of the night. I have my daily Bible reading to do (Proverbs 22-31) and then I’m gonna watch an episode of Friday Night Lights, my new TV obsession. I tried it awhile back when Parenthood first ended, upon recommendation of many of you, but I just couldn’t get into it. This past weekend we had a really long afternoon at the pool and I was TOTALLY wiped and needed to just relax with a show instead of writing or reading. I remember my friend Kelly telling me that I just have to make it past the 3rd episode and then I’d get hooked. I decided to give it one more try and she was totally right! 🙂


After FNL, I’ll  read a chapter of Simply Tuesday, and then head to bed.

What a day! It was a bit heavy on the cleaning/organization/meeting side and lighter on the playing/family bonding side, but that’s the way it goes sometimes ;).


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