July 2015 Goals

My life runs a lot smoother when I have goals. For awhile I decided I would not be a goal-person anymore. I’d just be a “life happens” person. Flexible. Open.

I tried it and it worked for a little while. But then calendars and goal-sheets started magically appearing in my project binder (whoops- do flexible, open, laidback people not make project binders?). It’s like they are magically attracted to me. {To all my non-goal oriented friends, I love you, I appreciate you, I want to be like you. But I just can’t fight this feeling any more…}

All that being said…

july 2015 goals

Spiritual Formation

1. Make a plan to get back on this Journeying Through Scripture 2015 plan (making a plan to get back on a plan- that is some serious stuff! ha!)

I debated on whether I should let this die a silent death or work on reviving it. I’m trying. The historical books of the Old Testament suck the life out of my relationship with God. There, I said it. That’s probably a horrible thing to admit.

2. Pray with my kids everyday at bedtime.

This bedtime ritual disappears somewhere between my cheerful “Kids! Time to do your 3 things before bed!” and my gritting my teeth, fake “Goodnight everyone” as I close the door behind me. It’s finished. This prayer thing would obviously be good for my soul too, hence this goal is in MY spiritual formation category.



1.  Figure out a theme for Play Eat Grow.

Surprise! We’re doing some major renovations at PEG. MAJOR. It’s exciting and terrifying, to be honest. But we gotta figure out the theme soon. It’s been tricky for us to decide!

2. Recategorize all of my posts from the past with my new category labels.

3. Write a book review for Englewood Review of Books.



1. Prepare for our trip to see the grandparents and then GO AND HAVE FUN!

2. Finish Ada’s first year scrapbook.

She asks me about it on a very regular basis and I know it would bring her oh-so-much joy to have me say, “Yes, I’m glad you asked! it’s all finished!”

3. Finish our family’s 10 Years of Adventure scrapbook.

This is a 12×12 scrapbook of our first 10 years as a family together- think coffee-table type of book. I’m giving 2-4 pages to each year.



1. Clean my couch cushion covers.

I’ll have to do a before and after picture. They are super awful.

2. Finish up going through the playroom to get rid of extra toys for an upcoming consignment sale.

We’ve been doing a significant purge of “stuff” that everyone has long outgrown. The toys are pretty much the last stop on the simplifying train.

What are you dreaming and scheming to do this month? 

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