A Day in the Life {June 17th}

This summer schedule is wee bit more than I bargained for.

The first day was a bit hectic, but by day 3, we’re grooving.


Today was my day to sleep in (yay!) so I (slowly) rolled out of bed around 7:30. I was up WAAAAY too late finishing up the last book of the Harry Potter series, and even at 7:30, it was still absolutely worth it.

Jake went out to work around the building, and I ate breakfast and got all of us dressed and backpacks packed for the various camps.

Ada was the first one to drop off at camp, and we spent a few minutes at the park before I met a woman at 10:00a to sell her some of our cloth diapers (we’re done, we’re done!). Asante and I played a couple games of tetherball, which was awesome and brought me back to my elementary playground days (expect in those days I was awful at tetherball, mostly because I was so short, but do you know who was REALLY good? A guy named Marcus Barringer. Tetherball champion).

After the diaper exchange (where we laughed together about “meeting up in the grocery store parking lot, making sales”, ha!), we headed to a different park where we played and hung out for an hour or so, and then swung by the library on our way home. I intended to just pick up a few books on hold, but the kids wanted to go in so we came out with WAY too many books (I didnt even bring a canvas bag to carry them all in! doh!), but with very happy kids.



With hungry tummies, we headed home, I made a quick picnic lunch and then we all walked to the pool to pick up Ada, and then had our picnic lunch. I accidentally started an awesome routine of reading them Bible stories on our picnic, and today was The Persistent Widow. The kids were surprised that they could “pester” God with their prayers. Ada commented that if they did that to me and Jake, we would not be very happy. “You guys don’t let us have something if we pester you.” True story. Parents, think about that one 🙂




After the picnic, we walked to Asante’s camp, dropped him off, and then headed back home. I put Anaya down for a nap while Jake took a break from reading and set the girls up with listening to stories with their new headphones (seriously love these- my house is QUIETER). I  was able to finish up a blog post and answer some emails before Anaya woke up after a short hour nap. This could have been because the girls decided to make a laboratory in the bathroom and kept on shutting and opening the door to get more “ingredients”. 🙂

So, Anaya and I played a bit and then walked to pick up Asante from camp, leaving the girls in their upstairs laboratory. When we got home, Jake took the kids over and I was able to spend some time doing internet errands, as I like to call them, as well as a little bit of reading.


Around 4:45, I packed a quick picnic dinner and we headed to Asante’s flag football camp. The school where it’s located has an AWESOME playground, so we decided to take the whole family. Everyone had a great time!


Finally, when we got home, we showered the kiddos and got them to bed. It was Jake’s turn to put Anaya to bed, so I showered and came down to my desk to do some more blogging, answer more emails, and request some books from the library (Aly is getting into bird and wanted me to find some field guides for kids).

Whew! After a bit more time online, I’ll read before bed. I started Siblings Without Rivalry today and its really good so far. I think exactly what I need right now with the summer stretching indefinitely in front of us :).

What’d you do today?!

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life {June 17th}

  1. YES! Every summer I think: yay! No more school. No more constant schedules. And then summer comes and I remember. I have 4 children. And no school just means we are doing other things with our day. And phew. It can still be exhausting!

  2. ha- EXACTLY! I’m pretty sure it’s just the price of having a lot of kids. Although it’s still busy, summer does seem to be more fun! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Tiff, you make me tired just reading all of that! With Boone starting preschool this week, our days change a bit now, but my problem is I always struggle with how to fill our day with meaningful activities when I have a two-year-old and a baby. Some days I feel like it’s just a blur of nursing and telling Boone not to do a bunch of stuff! Ha!

  4. Oh Em, I hear you! In my opinion, the days go by faster and are filled with more “fun” things (I guess I’m not much of a baby/toddler momma) as they get older. Even now, Anaya is just kinda dragged around to everything that her older siblings are doing. 🙂 Is Boone liking preschool?

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