Review: To The Sea {Graham Blanchard board book}

Graham Blanchard is a publishing company that focuses solely on the spiritual formation of kids. Over the past couple years, they’ve put out a whole slew of books surrounding the ideas of learning about God, forming their identity (absorbing the truth of who God says they are) and praising God.


Callie Grant, founder of Graham Blanchard, has written a new book for the Praise Collection called To The Sea. A small boy takes a day trip to the beach, where he experiences all the wonders of the ocean- mighty waves, fizzling sea foam, salty water, and the fresh breeze. He also experiences the effects of the sea– his sand castle gets washed away- but he rebuilds it on higher, sturdier ground. Perfect for summer and perfect for infants-preschoolers, this book is written in rhyme and the illustrations (done in oil paintings) are EXCELLENT.

ToTheSea_SpreadOne ToTheSea_SpreadThree

To learn more about this book or to download the parent guide that goes with it. visit Graham Blanchard’s website. Also on the website, feel free to poke around, check out the prayer wall and sign up for their newsletter and receive A Parent’s Guide for Children Growing Up in God.

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