Review: Princess Joy: Sticker and Activity Book

A couple weeks ago I reviewed another sticker and activity book in this series (Princess Charity). I decided to review another one for a couple reasons:

1. The girls both wanted a book and because they are pretty thin, they aren’t the easiest book to share.

2. I wanted to see if they were so similar that if you had one, would it be worth getting another?


So, Princess Joy Sticker and Activity Book (The Princess Parables) came in the mail yesterday, and in it we’re told about a Princess named Joy. The book is birthday themed: Joy invites the reader to help her decorate her birthday party invitation, her family decides to throw her a birthday party, and at the end, Joy decides that instead of getting gifts on her birthday, she’s going to give gifts to others. I don’t think I picked up on it last time, but apparently Joy and her sisters are a one parent family (her mom isn’t in the picture).

example page

The book includes many of the same activities as the other I reviewed: a small maze, some coloring and sticker pages, finding the difference between 2 pictures, and a word search. It also includes a “breaking the code” page and a counting page. I’d still say that this book is more for late preschool or early Kindergarten.


If your child liked the Princess Charity sticker book, I think that this is different enough that she would enjoy this one too. I appreciated the simple message on generosity- it’s one of our family values!



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