The kids only have a couple weeks left of school, and I’m getting totally antsy. It’s this weird stage of summer/but not yet summer. Jake’s finished with his semester, but the older kids are still in theirs. Is it summer? Is it not?

Anyway, onto May Loves. I love writing these posts! Not only do I get to share what I’m into with all of you all, but I think it also keeps me looking for the bright parts of my days and weeks.

Around the Webs


My friend and some of his friends just started a kewl new podcast- The Bible Bites Podcast. For 20 minutes, they talk all things Bible. They are a super great group of people and I like this because I CAN DO 20 minutes. Folding laundry, running, doing errands, laying in bed before falling asleep. 20 minutes.

Motherhood, Transformation by Interruption (featured on Her.Meneutics). Sarah Bessey shares how interruption, specifically as it relates to motherhood, has transformed her. Interruption happens– but the question is, how do we let it move us? Towards grace? Or towards bitterness? Sarah chooses grace again and again. I don’t always, so this was encouraging to me.

The Moral Bucket List (NY Times) — what if our bucket list focused less on our external ambitions and more on our internal character? Whew, a good one.

On my Bookshelf



I’m all up in a Harry Potter craze, bordering on slightly irresponsible. I may or may not have left household cleaning gone completely undone in exchange for a few more pages or chapters of reading through the Harry Potter series. I just finished book 5, and while book 6 is staring at me from my bookshelf, I MUST NOT START until I’m caught up on some other books and projects I was in the middle of before this madness began. It’s been a fun shared experience for Asante and I. He is going to read book 5, but stop there for a year or so (you can only imagine that he thinks that’s an awesome idea), because the content is just a little too mature for him at this point.



Searching for Sunday: Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church is the other book I’m working on. Rachel Held Evans shares her story of drifting away from the church (but not from Jesus), and how she’s found her way back. It’s a beautiful, honest story. Her writing has matured greatly since her other books. I mean, I’ve liked her other books a lot, but this one takes a step forward. I should have a full review up by the end of next week.

Family Life



Jakey and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. Well, by celebrated I mean we did nothing fancy on the day of our anniversary. I’m pretty sure he was busy writing a paper for finals week and I feel asleep super early. BUT, a couple weeks later, our friends and neighbors offered to watch the kiddos while Jake and I went out to dinner. We went to a chinese buffet– we didn’t realize until we got there how perfect going there was! When we were dating “friends” for 3.5 years in college, we frequently went to this great Chinese Buffet in Columbia, MO called The Great Wall. This little date brought us back and made us laugh. 🙂 In a couple weeks we’ll be headed to Chi town for our REAL anniversary celebration- so excited!

We are SO close to being done with diapers. We’ve been diapering sweet baby bottoms for the past 7.5 years and I am happy, delighted, exuberant knowing that we’re on the homestretch. I even took Anaya out to Target in her undies- that’s how “almost done” we are. We’re good on daytime dryness, good on overnight and nap, but just got that, you know, other thing, to work on. After potty-training 4 kids, I’m convinced more than ever that potty-training is 95% child and 5% method.  


Finally, our Life Group had a great going away party for our dear friends and neighbors, the Gonzalez’s. We cooked brats, ate Wisconsin cheese and did a lot of laughing, talking, and I may or may not have cried at the end. While them moving away is NOT something I love about this month, I do love that we have a really great Life Group who really loves one another. 🙂

Happy May! Here’s to a great summer for all!  

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  1. Oh, I love that whole idea of a moral bucket list instead of events that will just fade away. We take our character wherever we go … and what a legacy to leave behind!

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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