Who Can You Talk To When Mothering Gets Rough?

In a society that is constantly moving and grooving, mentors can be hard to find.

This month the Mom Mentors are talking about OUR mentors as mothers. The answers may surprise you. Here’s what I wrote:

I’ve spent a lot of my last 10 years moving around (making consistent mentors hard to find), but despite this, I’m so blessed with a few women in my life that I can reach out to for guidance and encouragement. There’s a friend in Pennsylvania whom I call when my elementary kids have caught some weird new habit at school and I have to know if it’s normal or not.

There are a couple ladies in Missouri who have 5+ kids who I email, asking for advice on intentional parenting or whatever current parenting struggle I’m going through. I’ve found that these ladies have been particularly helpful because they know the unique struggles of having a gaggle of kids. Most recently it’s been about how to parent children as individuals instead of a herd!

Here in Madison I have a few friends who are amazing sources of encouragement, reminding me that until my youngest is 3, I’m still in the parenting fog stage, so relax.Finally, I have one mom friend in Kenya who is an incredible source of wisdom and gentleness, and brings a sense of cultural clarity to my parenting for which I’m so grateful!

How about you? Who are your mom mentors- the people you can watch and observe in everyday life (or pick up the phone and call) when you need an ear or advice about parenting?

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