Cookbook Review: Milk Bar Life

As you know, we like to cook around here. Most of the time cooking is boiled down to the basics, because we’re all busy and I nearly always have a toddler hanging on my legs, which makes me just want to cook and be done with it already.

Aly pushes back on that, always wanting to cook more often and more interesting foods. We try to find common ground by letting her do the basics with me more often, but also cooking “interesting” foods for potlucks, snacks to send with Jake to school, playdates, etc.


I can only imagine Aly someday writing a cookbook like Christina Tosi’s new Milk Bar Life: Recipes & Stories. Christina is the chef and co-owner of Momofuku Milk Bar, and will be one of the judges on MasterChef’s new season starting in a few weeks.


Milk Bar Life not only gives some great recipes, but it also tells a bit of Christina’s story of how Momofuku Milk Bar came about, as well as some of the culture of the bakery. The employees do fun things like gather for meals, and they also serve one another, both physically and emotionally- a giant family!


The recipes in here range from completely normal- Cocktail Meatballs- to totally strange, Fruity-Pebble Meringues with Passion Fruit Curd and Pickle-Juice-Poached fish (ha!). The cookbook is divided into sections that make sense with life- weekend recipes, recipes to cook around the bonfire, craft night recipes, as well as “weak nights” (oh you know the ones). This book is for people who love food, are interested in trying new things or interesting combinations of normal things. Think abstract art for food :).

Christina writes in a lovely, down to earth way. When reading her cookbook, I feel like we’re sitting on a vintage couch in a cozy apartment in a big city. She seems like a creative, brave woman with a love for food and community! So, if you’re up for something new, see if your local library has her cookbook and check it out!

 Thanks to Blogging for Books for the opportunity to review this book!

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